Was Gears Of War 3 Leaked From Australia?

Was Gears Of War 3 Leaked From Australia?

Months ahead of its release, Epic’s Gears of War 3 has been leaked onto the internet, a security breach so severe law enforcement has gotten involved. Maybe, though, the cops won’t be needed.

A French developer has told the world about this site, which is currently hosting a range of Xbox promotional material for the Australasian market and which until very recently was hosting a near-complete build of Gears of War 3 as well.

As we told you with the similar Deus Ex case, it’s common practice for game builds to be hosted on servers for press and PR types to get access for them.

What’s unique here, though, is that the site in question had no security whatsoever. No password, no login, nothing (it has since, however, been locked down).

It appears to belong to Codify, an Australian-based hosting company which lists Microsoft as a client.

We’ve contacted Xbox Australia for comment, and will update if we hear back.


Original Source [xbox.codify, via NeoGAF]


  • Wow, I guess ‘leaked’ isn’t the word to use anymore, perhaps, ‘flashed around like those girls your mother told you to avoid’ might be a better description.

    Of course I’m sure appearing like we don’t know how to run a hosting site for a major company will do wonders for our international reputation, like we’re not all ready considered the crazy backwoods cousin of the western world.

  • As an Australian, I’d like to say to the pirates of the world on behalf of all Australians… You’re welcome!

    Seriously though, screw playing a leaked alpha, I’m just going to wait for the final release.

    • i don’t think this is codify’s problem, they host the servers for microsoft, not their fault microsoft didn’t put any security on it.

      I guess microsoft never thought anyone would look in Australia for early builds 😛

  • Not locked down? I bet Bleszinksi has just chucked a little tantrum and thrown his power walking ankle weights out the window of his office.

  • Hmm. Well, obviously leaking it onto the internet after is illegal, but the original downloading from the server? There’s certainly an argument that no crime was committed if the server was wide open.

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