Japan's Pop Princess Wants To Give You Tales Loot

On August 31, Ayumi Hamasaki is releasing a new EP called Five. Since Hamasaki is singing the theme for upcoming role-playing game Tales of Xillia, a limited edition version of her new mini-album will come with a redeemable download code.

The code can be entered into Tales of Xillia for an in-game, rabbit-eared "Song Princess" outfit.

DISCOGRAPHY [ayumi hamasaki(浜崎あゆみ) official website]

Top photo: MN Chan/Getty


    2 sentences!

    Way to go Brian! You are definitely improving! You're nearly writing an eighth of an article now!

      ^ This.

      His articles always consist of the following:

      - 1/8 to 1/4 of the size of an article posted by any of the other "authors" on Kotaku

      - Japan. Japan, Japan, Japan. Japan. About 95% of his articles consist of Japan or something Japan related, most of the time not even gaming related. I suppose that is okay because of "Culture Shock" but it would be great to see Culture Shock articles on countries other than Japan. You would think in Brian's world only 2 countries exist in the world, Australian and Japan.

      Honestly, I think they should replace Brian Ashcraft with a more capable author.

        He's an American living in Japan, what do you expect?

    How about you guys apply for the job then, or go cry to mama

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