Just How Popular Is League Of Legends?

As the first season of competition comes to a close, League of Legends developer Riot Games celebrates by dropping some incredibly impressive player statistics for the free-to-play online action strategy title enjoyed by more than 1.4 million players a day.

That's right, more than 1.4 million players log in to the League of Legends servers every 24 hours, meaning a large percentage of the game's more than four million active players across North American and Europe visit League of Legends on a daily basis. That would certainly explain the 3.7 million hours spent each day playing League of Legends, spread across more than a million online matches.

The huge numbers are great news for fans of competitive gaming, and the fact that more than 1.69 million viewers tuned into the online broadcast of the League of Legends Season One Championship says a great deal about the viability of eGaming as a spectator sport.

Then again, League of Legends does have more than 15 million registered players. When your fan base is that large, it's OK to cater to them.

Visit the League of Legends website to see what all the fuss is about. Just don't start playing unless you have plenty of free time.


    I miss this game, ever since Starcraft came out that's taken up all my online time instead.

    But the feeling of using Nasus, getting a Sunfire, Warmogs and Force of Nature, using Spirit Fire and Fury of the Sands and watching the opposing team all die at once while you gain bonus damage..... Well it's a good feeling.

    1.4 million?!
    I am totally playing the wrong game

    I've been playing League of Legends almost every day since my co-worker introduced me to it over a year ago. I had found DotA to be a touch too inaccessible to the newcomer, but with LoL's streamlined shop interface and the initially limited selection of champions, it was much easier to get into.

    amazing game, addicted to it soooooo bad

    These numbers are ridiculous! But i'm sure there's benefit to being a free to play game in generating this sort of audience. Will be crazier once the Chinese market gets going!

    Also recently came across http://lolskill.com to check and track mine and other player accounts. Good place for research, and to prove to myself I'm getting better!

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