Kiss Your Life Goodbye With Tiny Tower

Kiss Your Life Goodbye With Tiny Tower

On the one hand, Tiny Tower is like so many countless iPhone games before it. Lure you in with a free game, then charge you real money as you tap, tap, tap away at a menial and pointless task.

On the other hand, Tiny Tower is freaking amazing.

In the game, you take control of a tower block, and by raising revenue seek to add more and more levels to said tower, until it’s not tiny at all. It’s an Enormous Tower.

You can do this by adding residential apartments, which charge tenants rent, and which also provide the employees who work in the businesses you can also fill the building with. Which make even more money.

Setting aside the fact these “residents” are in fact “slaves”, forced to work where you assign them regardless of their wishes (and always only in your building), Tiny Tower stands out from the crowd for two reasons.

The first is that it’s adorable. The pixel art on show is great, each character cute and easily identifiable, the little stores full of character and individuality. So when you’re stuck in the grind of stocking shelves and transporting visitors using the lift, you’re doing so with a smile on your face.

The second is that it gets the balance between free and paid play just right. Tiny Tower is free to download and free to play; however, the more you play and the bigger your tower gets, the longer time it takes for each floor to be built. You also need to stock the shelves of each store when it runs out of items, and again, this takes real-world time.

If you want, you can spend real money to speed things up. That’s fine. If you don’t, though, nothing bad will happen. Your residents won’t go on strike, or leave the building, or die. Your stores won’t go broke without your constant attention. They just sit there, in the dark, waiting patiently for you to return, regardless of whether it’s been an hour or a week since your last play.

It’s like they’re saying, “Hey, it’s cool, you can pay, but you don’t have to, we’re happy either way just sitting here being cute”. And I’m happy just sitting here watching them.

Tiny Tower [iTunes App Store]


  • I was playing tiny tower and got bored with it. Far too much boring micro having to constantly stock all the shops, not enough shop types, far too basic imho. But it got me hankering for some good tower building and I tried Vegas Towers HD, at first I thought it was a bit crap but I’m hooked now. It’s free and more or less much more like Sim Tower (read: better). More or less the same principle as Tiny Tower but it’s a a lot easier to play without feeling like you need to spend real money to have fun…

  • this app (it’s not a game) would be alot better if it had a point.

    at least in pocket frog you’ve got 16,000 different frogs to try and collect, you’ve got requests to try fill. and a bunch of achievements.

    this game has no goal of point. you can’t lose, you can’t get better, it doesn’t set you anything to achieve.

    I got bored of it and never played again after like 2-3 hours.

    pocket frogs on the other hand had me going for several months.

  • I actually feel kind of bad when I have to evict some of my characters I had since the early Storage Apartments days.. Sniff. Like a bad landlord. Always thinking about money..

    (Also, I have no idea if this was done deliberatly,
    but there is a dark skinned guy living on floor 9 of my tower, and he has been in trouble with the police 6 times already lol)

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