Kojima: The Word Video Game Will Vanish

Well, I guess great minds really do think alike. Last week I posted an opinion piece about the word 'gamer' and how it may have to evolve considering the fact we're all gamers now. Looks like Hideo Kojima is thinking along similar terms. [/smug]

“Today, the industry has matured into a wonderful place where some of the most talented people in their field can take advantage of cutting-edge technology and world-class budgets to thrill and awe the entire world," said Kojima, talking to Nintendo Power. "In the near future I believe we’ll see the term ‘video game’ itself vanish as our industry evolves and eventually absorbs the movie and music industry to create a larger, all-encompassing form of digital entertainment.”

Alright so it's not completely the same thing as I was getting at, but it's similar. It seems like Kojima is talking a bit more about the idea of media convergence, and the ubiquity of gaming. Ol' Hideo does have some pretty 'out there' ideas, but he is a rare visionary - when he talks, people tend to listen.

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    I wonder what it would be called?

      In Kojima's case, "movies". Refer to MGS4.

    I'm still not sold on the whole 'get rid of the word gamer' argument. Out of everyone I know, only my closest friends are still gamers. I work in a large professional services firm and I'm definitely in the minority as a gamer. Not a lot of people play mobile games/facebook games, and so they wouldn't even count in the loosest sense of the word.

    If I were to try box everyone as gamers, I would definitely get some wierd looks in the office.

    And personally, I don't mind it. It's my hobby, but the term doesn't define me.

      Gamers are people for whom gaming is a defining part of them. Kind of like the difference between people who do some kind of sport, and athletes. It's not about what you play, how often you play, but how you play.

      It's the whole "live to work, or work to live" thing. For gamers, living is gaming.

      If you don't fall in that category, I guess you aren't a gamer.

      Now, if you call yourself a gamer and all you do is lol at angry birds for five minutes on the train, in addition to not being a gamer, you're also an embarrassment. To everyone. Even the other embarrassments. Yes, fat guy on train with annoying hyena laugh and maxed volume, I mean you.

    "when he talks, people tend to listen."
    I guess if people enjoy hearing what he's eating at any particular time.


      Hilarious - definitely encapsulates my biggest problem with the story in MGS4

      Oh god! I LOL'd. All over the floor!

    An interesting concept, I think that media such as games, movies and music will become more mixed. The lines between movies and games are starting to get a little blurred with some games decribed as 'interactive movies.' However I don't think you can say that they will all become one, you can't have one word or one concept that will describe those three different mediums.

    For instance, music is used in movies, but is itself its own industry as well, as it is used in different ways. We are seeing a rise in artists being able to freely move between movies and games as the digital technologies are becoming increasingly similar.

      Yeah, I agree with this.

      There's a huge gulf between the 'interactive movie'-esque games, with huge budgets, compelling stories and great art design, and other games (music rhythm games, or simple iOS/Android ones) where the emphasis is on the gameplay and a score.

      I think the word game would stick around, but its meaning would change to just describe the less complex diversions like Angry Birds that are obviously entertainment. Narrative stuff would need a new term.

    The term might disappear but it doesn't mean everyone will be one.
    Just like we don't really have words for people who listen to lots of music or see live bands or watch lots of tv or go to lots of movies or read lots of books.

    There's certainly people who do and people who don't do those things regardless of titling.

    Regardless of whether there's a term for people or not, not everybody will play electronic games.

    There will always be a defining point between mediums, people will always want to simply read a book, or listen to music.

    Platforms may become standard, I see that, with consoles becoming a relic of the past as tech rises and prices fall..

    Also, if movies become like Hideo games, everyone will buy a ticket, walk in, hit 'x' to skip and leave confused.

    the term will vanish? that's crazy politician-speak.

    I think that games (or at least a subset of games) will definitely start to become more like movies, but I can't really see them combining completely.

    Especially if/when motion & facial capture like LA Noire starts becoming more standard. We'll probably start seeing 'star-studded' games with big name actors. (Though I really hope that the pulling power of the celebrity doesn't become the main focus of games, like it seems to be with a lot of movies :P)

    The only thing that surprises me here is that people can't admit Hideo hasn't made a decent game since MGS1.


        No use questioning him, his standards are so high he doesn't like games anymore.

          I think these Japanese media creators get together and work shop stupid answers for interview questions, Kojima: So what's your favourite game? Answer: I don't like games these days, I prefer playing with cardboard boxes.

          Hayo Miyazaki: What animal would you like to be?
          Answer: A wood louse. (although he did make Nausica, a movie about giant wood louse that rule the world).

    "..as our industry evolves and eventually absorbs the movie and music industry to create a larger, all-encompassing form of digital entertainment.”

    ie: The Holodeck.

    Valve has licensed it exclusively for HL2: Episode 3.

    Just a few centuries left to wait...

      Because you said that, it has been delayed by another week.

    with the advent of Angry Birds and Ap games in general I'd say we're now even further away from the demise of the word video game now than we were before. So, kind of the opposite of what he thinks. Maybe in Japan the word is dying out, along with the industry, but I think we're a millenia away from consigning it to the linguistic dust bin along with cassette tape and DOS.

    And as long as there are people hunting for achievements and lining up for midnight launches there will always be gamers, playing games doesn't make you a gamer, being obsessive compulsive, getting jokes based on eighteen year old Sega games and suffering a slight case of aspergers makes you a gamer.

    It amuses me hearing these articles. I wonder how many more people will voice this opinion, between now and when I'm 100 years old playing VIDEO GAMES in my rocking chair.

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