Kotobukiya Getting Into The Business Of Sexy Mass Effect Girls

Kotobukiya Getting Into The Business Of Sexy Mass Effect Girls

Japanese toy maker Kotobukiya has already welcomed a few Comic-Con friendly femme fatales to its “bishoujo” line of beautifully sculpted figures. They started with superheroines from Marvel and DC Comics, but now they’re moving on to video games.

Kotobukiya has already welcomed some Tekken characters into the fold, but the company is also bringing some Western alien talent. Mass Effect 3‘s Liara T’Soni will join the bishoujo line with a new statue based on the Shunya Yamashita drawing seen here.

Bishoujo Liara is planned for a Q4 2011 release. They figures typically run about 60 bucks American, so budget accordingly.


    • That’s the point, Shunya Yamashita’s forte is making sexy representations in his style of a variety of characters.

  • I do not understand the point of these figures. With toy cars and planes, I can sort-of see the point as you can…. play with them? Is that what people do?

    But you can’t play with these – you can’t do anything with them. They just stand there, looking all plastic-y. I fail to see why a fan would shell out the money for these things. If you’re dying to see ME characters outside of a game, why not print out a poster of all the characters and put it on your wall? That would be a much more logical solution rather than shell out a bunch of cash for plastic or metal models that just stand there.

    • Because they’re probably nice to look at? Like how people shell out much money for Art?

      As to the suggestion of printing out posters, that sounds like a great idea! In fact, lets call every art museum around the world and tell them that they’re all redundant. If people want to see paintings, it’d be much more logical to go to google and do an image search.

    • I see you FAIL to comprehend the aesthetic part of a sculpture, it is not meant to be PLAYED, it is meant to be DISPLAYED, I just can’t see the logic in connecting a TOY and a FIGURE.

      Then why even print out posters? It still costs money to buy printer, ink, and paper. Why are you even buy the game? It still costs money to buy a computer.

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