L.A. Noire ‘Isn’t Complete Yet,’ Rockstar Says

L.A. Noire ‘Isn’t Complete Yet,’ Rockstar Says

There is a new L.A. Noire mystery: what comes next for the hit detective game? Something… but its creators won’t say what just yet

“The game isn’t complete yet,” a Rockstar spokesperson told Kotaku when we asked them yesterday if the release of the game’s final, announced piece of downloadable content, the Reefer Madness Vice Case, completed the game. With Reefer Madness, Rockstar has now released five downloadable cases to supplement the ones that stuffed the game’s disc(s). Could there be new cases added? Or is the game complete? You’ve seen their answer. Intriguing.

Rockstar officials have previously said that they had cut entire desks from detective Cole Phelps’ rise through the ranks of the Los Angeles Police Department, from beat cop to homicide detective. They chopped them to squeeze the game down to size, but the new downloadable cases released since the game came out in May surely restored or repurposed some of that content. Maybe not.

So what else could be on the horizon to “complete” the game? New DLC cases? How about an autumn expansion similar to the Undead Nightmare zombie spin-off to last spring’s Rockstar hit Red Dead Redemption? An Australian spring expansion/addition of a burglary desk might seem more in line with L.A. Noire‘s style than an infestation of zombies, but your guesses are as good as ours. For all we know, Rockstar will just add a few DLC suits and guns to the game and call it complete. Let’s hope it’s more.


  • Well almost any new LA Noire is good news but if it involves zombies I may just have to strangle someone

  • I’m reluctant to buy even the existing DLC, because I can’t see how it ties into the main story, which I think was well-paced and complete…

    • Basically they actually fit into the existing story and they provide you with a few “ahhh” moments, that’s why Cole did this in a later case type thing.

      You can tell these cases were apart of the original game and were removed for the sake of DLC.

      With the 360 game already spread over 3 discs, how incomplete can the game be? Sure the motion capture stuff would be size heavy, but this is a big statement from Rockstar.

      • Yeah, one of the DLC cases is actually where you meet Ray Pinker for the first time. It’s like… ohhhh, okay, so that’s why we never had introductions in the game that I bought at retail?

    • The DLC fits in naturally. If you downloaded the DLC before actually playing the game, the cases flow one after the other, in fact it would probably be better to play it like that.

  • Any news if these extra cases will be included in the PC version? I am not holding high hopes, but hopefully they will at least be available to purchase soon after launch. When is it launching anyway? I am super keen

  • I do hope there’s more to come. But an Undead Nightmare LA Noire, now that would be hilarious.

    “We found blood all over your jacket. Care to tell us how this happened?”

    “*various zombie moans*”

    – Truth
    – Doubt
    – Lie

  • [“The game isn’t complete yet,” a Rockstar spokesperson told Kotaku when we asked them yesterday if the release of the game’s final,]

    So why the hell are they selling it as a completed game at full retail price?

    If it is uncompleted why not patch in the content that finishes the game at no cost to the consumer who has paid full retail price?

    DLC – is meant to be used to extend gameplay beyond the scope of the original game this here seems to be a direct violation of that – it’s like selling a car and telling people they will have to wait for things like seatbelts – odometers – fuel gage – glovebox – stuff that might not be needed to drive the car but should be in it at release.

    I am completely serious when I say gamers could class action sue Rockstar for charging them full retail on a game sold as completed only to be told that the game is uncompleted and will require you to purchase parts of it after the initial sale when it wasn’t sold as being incomplete.

    But alas that is dreaming of a day when gamers could overcome the apathy that is so engrained in us all that is so evident when you count how many empty cans of drink there are on a gamers desk and compare it to how far away the bin is.

    • Except the DLC isn’t necessary to complete the main story. Your analogy doesn’t work because a seatbelt is a necessity. An expansion is not. An analogy that actually does make sense seen through less jaded vision is paying extra for a CD player or a spoiler.

      DLC – I’ve played the original game as well as the DLC. Personally, I would say the game’s story is complete without the DLC. The extra cases are extensions of that. He means the game isn’t complete much in the same way Command & Conquer isn’t complete without all it’s expansions.

  • yeah the real reason that Rockstar was able to make team bondi finish the game was that they cut half the content

  • I almost feel guilty about enjoying L.A. Noire so much, after hearing about the less-than-ideal conditions at Team Bondi in that infamous IGN article.

    I don’t know if I should feel disgusted or enjoy the end product that all those people worked so hard on.

    I’d very much enjoy some more DLC, even if it were whole desks, if I knew no-ones soul was crushed in its conception.

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