Lana Del Rey Sings A Lonely Song Called ‘Video Games’

Lana Del Rey Sings A Lonely Song Called ‘Video Games’

Lana Del Rey, 25, certainly has a lot to be sad about: she’s gorgeous, talented, and has excellent taste in old Hollywood indulgence. But as a bald traffic cop once wandered by my car and told me, everybody hurts sometimes.

And there’s something genuinely affecting in the picture she paints of a relationship that hits the skids, leaving Del Rey to moon against walls while her lover sits around playing video games – especially since in the first verse those same games are just one of the fun, charming things they did together.

Or maybe I’m reading too much into it!

It’s worth noting, though, that in both the lyrics and the montage footage that makes up the non-sexy part of the video, how seamlessly video games fit into the whole narrative. They’re not bad; they’re not good. They’re just part of life.

Singer Lana Del Rey’s Vintage Style Is So Gangster Nancy Sinatra [ via Complex]


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