Left 4 Dead 2 Campaign Opens A Portal To Portal 2

Spoiler alert? Only if you planned to play community made campaign "Suicide Blitz 2" in Left 4 Dead 2, currently the officially featured fan-created add-on for Valve's zombie horror first-person shooter, the game that has a very neat Portal 2 easter egg buried within.

Watch as two Left 4 Dead 2-loving ladies discover the existence of a portal into the world of Aperture Science, commenting excitedly along the way about every machete, Companion Cube, propulsion gel and special infected zombie they run into. Really, you may want to turn the volume down just a notch.

You can grab the "Suicide Blitz 2" campaign right here, straight from Valve.

Left 4 Dead 2 Suicide Blitz 2: Portal 2 Easter Egg [YouTube via NeoGAF]


    How to fake sounding surprised about something you clearly aren't surprised about - the movie

      Seemed completely normal to me. Why exactly do you think they're lying?

      Then the above post must be "How To Act Like A Dick On The Internet - The Movie"!

        Fair enough - I was being quite snarky. Sorry, but to me it sounded planned to me. You can hear how they signpost everything and sound waaaaay too excited about it. Plus the cynic in me says this is a great way to get exposure for the map.

    Holy shit!

    Why can't I meet girls who are as easily impressed as those two?

    Coolest easter egg I've ever seen.

    The second girl is totally Kaylee from Firefly...

    what is the mod they are using where they have no co op bots?

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