Let's See What You've Got American Cosplayers!


    Despite the effort involved, it gets really boring seeing so many anime-based cosplayers. They're all a combination of really obvious and a dime-a-dozen or rather obscure and standard looking.

      How dare they cosplay as anime characters at an anime expo.

      like totally dude, I stopped breathing like 20 seconds ago cs its like sooo mainstream... chillax dude they be having some fun

    I'm trying to convince the missus to get into cosplay for reasons of kink alone.

    Apart from that some of the chicks are nice eye candy, but I have no interest aside from that...

    Perhaps more western game cosplays?

    There's some awesome TF2 cosplayers out there.

    don't the ice climbers use shovels? i don't remember hammers =/


    The ice climbers are adorable! Great work.

    You’re just a weeaboo if you think the West can’t cosplay.


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