Let's Watch Solid Snake Read Shakespeare's Hamlet

Well, technically, let's listen, since the video features only the voice behind Snake (David Hayter) and not the game character's digital self.

You will really want to skip straight to the Hamlet passage itself, which begins 5:00 in.

It's a fair effort by Hayter given he's both in character and taking the piss, but it's still not my favourite reading of the famous passage itself. That honour goes to this.


    Love David Hayter! Such an awesome dude.

    That chick on the other hand...she's lucky she's attractive.

    hory shit!

    Wow. Those first five minutes. Wow.

    aww he did the old snake voice.

    I prefer his young snake voice.

    that chick sucks tho sorry to say...

    That was awesome!

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