Live Out Your Bank Robbing Fantasies In Payday: The Heist

For all those tired of the same old squad based FPS scenarios, Payday: The Heist offers new settings to take on.

Gone are the bands of soldiers and hoards of zombies to mow down, replaced with elaborate capers ranging from bank robberies to armoured car hijackings. If blowing off the roof of a bank to helicopter the vault out plays as fun as it sounds, the five-finger discount will be welcome at my house anytime. Payday: The Heist comes out this year for the PlayStation Network and PC.


    Looks like Swat4 from the criminals point of view

      I was thinking more Left 4 Dead with cops and robbers instead of zombies.

    When is this game out? Looks so cool.

    Just the concept alone sounds great to me.

    Kane & Lynch 2 has 'heist-y' multiplayer but everyone who plays that game online is a total doucher and ruins every game within 1 minute of launch while also blaring hip hop through their headset.

    Here's hoping the player base for Payday will be more mature.

    i'm pretty excited about this, as i've been wanting games where the co-op was a strong point and is very co-operative as me and my mate get bored easily.

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