Lulzsec's Public Voice Arrested

A "spokesperson" for hacking collective Lulzsec, who among other targets hit the online operations of Nintendo and Sony, has been arrested in the United Kingdom. [ZDNet]


    One sentence, really?

      Haha... I was thinking the exact same thing.

      THIS is what I was talking about that time..

      What is the guys name?

      Where exactly is he from?

      Any mention of his motivations?

      Is he a hacker or just run their twitter?

      Was he arrested under the Section 3 of the Computer Misuse Act and Section 1 of the Criminal Law Act 1977?

      I guess well never know.

      Of course, the US guys don't have the Skills like Serrels

      It's the American Kotaku writers mainly - I've noticed this happening a bit as well.

      The AU writers at least discuss the story!

      At least it's something...

      I was like that too, " i want more info plz"

    eh bunch of teenagers playing "Script Bunny" not hard to DL an Ion Cannon and wait till it overloads the server. no wonder they are getting caught. L2 do hacking properly without the use of crappy tools. hope he gets done big time.

    Good article!

    A little link-surfing got me to the Jester's WordPress blog, where he has dox that appear to prove that the LulzSec Topiary stole his handle from a British troll to try and transfer suspicion onto that person. Did it work, or is that just disinformation? Either way, my confidence that Scotland Yard know what the hell is going on right now is less than complete...

    Don't you get paid or something like that?

    Does Kotaku have editors?

    Its so damn lazy and it encourages the reader to click away from kotaku and start reading other sources... Surely not the ideal outcome for kotaku?

    It'll be interesting to see the grounds for the arrest. Wonder what actual crimes he's committed

    What, the random cosplay articles, re-blogs from Rampaged Reality and joystiq hasn't done it for you already?

    WHY did i even click this

    Im am overloaded with information.

    This is not twitter.

    Having said that, I love when Lulzsec do stuff and love it even more when they get caught. They seem to think they actually are anonymous, which is true... to a degree. But the government can still find you by analysing stuff like localised increases in mountain dew sales.

    One down, a few more to go. Enjoy being stacked into naked human pyramids. I'm going to LULZ at the photos that get leaked from GTMO.

    Great article, so thorough and informative, i feel like i'm overloaded with information....

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