LunchTimeWaster: Quite Like Braid

We have a zillion and one shooters that play in the precise same way as Call of Duty, so why can't we have a zillion and one indie time-bending platformers like Braid? This is the question I asked myself whilst getting angry at Dusk for being so derivative...

Dusk is a game with a sombre, classical-style sound track with a unique art-style. Like Braid. Dusk is a time bending puzzler. Like Braid. Dusk even features those pretentious little sign posts with info about the game's 'narrative'.

So yes, it's almost shamelessly ripping off Braid. But Braid is a good game, and so is Dusk. The puzzles are fiendish, therefore the reward factor is high. The mechanics feel solid and well implemented. Dusk is fun. And I'm going to continue playing it regardless of how derivative it is.

Dusk [MoFunZone]


    Only 5 levels? That didn't last long.
    It was still cool though.

    Rip offs make me cringe.

    Their "chapters" are even called the same thing. I will NEVER like this game.

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