LunchTimeWaster: Zombie Tron

Another game with zombies. Hardly what the this world needs right now, but I'll make yet another exception for Zombotron - because it's about as fun and polished as flash games get. This is worth playing.

Using the mouse to aim, and the direction keys to move, is a combo I've always had a lot of fun with - particularly when the gameplay is grounded with a certain amount of weight. Zombotron is precisely like that. It's instantly fun to simply move around in the world and shoot.

Loving this game. I imagine it will be one of the few games I keep open on my browser and constantly return to throughout the day.

Hurray for procrastination!

Zombotron [Armor Games]


    I was sorta hoping it would be a game were you run over zombies with a light cycle :(

    This isn't a bad little game at all, very polished. It even has a mechanic where if you jump and hit the bottom of an elevator it moves up, to make sure you don't get stuck underneath it. It may seem obvious, but it's the little touches like this that show a well-thought out game.

    super game

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