LunchTimeWaster: Feel The Payne

Mr Vengeance is Max Payne on rails. That's it. But for some reason I couldn't stop playing it. Maybe it was the music. Maybe it was the fact that it was on rails. Maybe it's an unquantifiable reason. Either way - this is awesome fun. I loved it.

But objectively speaking - it really is just Max Payne - reimagined. But Max Payne is awesome.

So... yeah. Play this!

Mr Vengeance [Kongregate]


    Two headshots for a kill? What is this madness?

    loved the first max payne game

    Well made, although it was prety much a room for room remake of the first max payne.
    Even most of the enemies were in the same spots.

    More games should knock off Max Payne... like Max Payne 3... *That* game should definately try to knock off Max Payne. STAT.

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