LunchTimeWaster: Snail Trail

When I was a young lad, I loved these kind of games - Dizzy, Wonderboy in Monsterland, Metroid - 2D games with a sense of scale and exploration. Snailiad wants to place itself in that tradition.

It's far from as polished as those examples, however, but still retains that feeling of going on a big adventure, and that warms the cockles of my cold, black heart. The clue is in the title - Snailiad wants to be epic, and it kinda is. I would just have liked a bit more polish on the core mechanics to allow those intentions to feel better.

Still, totally worth a lunch break. Time to get on the Snail trail.

Snailiad [Kongregate]


    Wonderboy III: Dragons Trap is one of my all time favourite games ever, they should give it a HD once over and release it on the PSN. I'd happily pay good money for it.

    I remember playing Wonderboy in Monster World for the Mega Drive. I still remember that moment when i finally beat the boss in the castle in the sky fully expecting that to be the end. . . only to find I had a whole other area to complete after. . .

    When it comes to semi-open world 2D platformers with exploration type elements, nothing beats Ufouria on the NES. One of my favourite games ever :)

      A massive seconded - I clicked this post just to say that but someone beat me to it!

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