LunchTimeWaster: Tower Defence (But Not As We Know It)

Don't Panic is a tower defence game - but it's not a Tower Defence game. Allow me to explain...

Don't Panic isn't the kind of Tower Defence game where you plant a number of positioned forts in order to fight endless waves of enemies - Don't Panic is the kind of Tower Defence game where you defend a tower the old fashioned way - by running around and shooting everyone.

So Don't Panic has that whole, 'ohmygodohmygod the bad guys are coming' vibe and, to an extent, some form of ammo management - but it's more like a simplified version of Nazi Zombies than a proper Tower Defence game.

Which is a good thing, because I'm a bit sick of Tower Defence games.

Don't Panic [Armor Games]


    Interesting game.

    So what was the result of Remember This? Did someone get it? What game was it? :P

      Chase HQ II :/

    is this the same as that old game "Defend Your Castle"?

    I'm a bit sick of games like that.

    Yep, so this is EXACTLY tower defence. I hate tower defence.

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