Man Deploys ‘Madden Defence’ To Beat Murder Rap

Man Deploys ‘Madden Defence’ To Beat Murder Rap

A man on trial in North Carolina for killing his pregnant fiancée says he could not have been the killer, and is using a screen capture from a game of Madden NFL as his alibi.

Michael Mead, accused of killing Lucy Johnson, 31, in 2008, showed a “screenshot from the gaming system to a private investigator” hired about four months after Johnson was slain in her home. At the time, police had yet to make an arrest.

What it sounds like is a timestamp from a multiplayer game. Prosecutors cross-examined the investigator as to its veracity, but the more exculpatory piece of electronic evidence sounds like cell phone records. Cops tracked his phone’s activity and found that he left Johnson’s house about four hours before the killing and didn’t return to it until nine hours later the next day.

Johnson was killed July 16, 2008; Mead was arrested the following January. Prosecutors said Mead was motivated to kill Johnson when he found out she was pregnant with his baby, using an email in which he doubted his paternity as evidence of his state of mind.

Mead Offers Electric Alibi in Murder Defense [Gaston Gazette]

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