Mario Kart 7 Is The Ninth Mario Kart

We learned the name of the new Mario Kart today. And it's... (pause for effect)... Mario Kart 7.

But there have been, in fact, nine Mario Kart games — come along, count with us — and take a look at some of the commercials made for them too!

Mario Kart 7 (2011) — Nintendo 3DS

Your next (and ninth!) dose of racing plumbers is due out this Christmas. There's no cool or quirky TV spot for it yet, but there is a video of our own Stephen Totilo playing it. He's a pretty cool guy, so I suppose you could watch that.


    Its 7 unless u count the namco arcade games, which no one would
    Mario kart 7 and rightly so

    Yes! Let's count them!
    1) Super Mario Kart — SNES
    2) Mario Kart 64 — N64
    3) Mario Kart: Super Circuit — GBA
    4) Mario Kart: Double Dash!! — GC
    5) Mario Kart DS — NDS
    6) Mario Kart Wii — Wii
    7) Mario Kart 7 — 3DS


    That's seven. You obviously wouldn't be counting the Arcade GP games that were made by NAMCO. That would be stupid. They didn't even get released on any Nintendo console. That's like including the CD-I games when you talk about Zelda. No, I obviously missed two somewhere....

    Super Mario Kart (Snes)
    Mario Kart 64 (N64)
    Mario Kart Super Circuit (GBA)
    Mario Kart Double Dash (GCN)
    Mario Kart DS (DS)
    Mario Kart Wii (Wii)

    Did I miss any? This one will be the 7th...

      oh there were 2 arcade versions according to wikipedia, but I guess those don't count.

        Does anyone go to arcades anymore?

        ...[sounds of crickets chirping]

          I do, they are fun...but WWAAAAAAYYYY over priced for $2 a pop at playtime.

    I'm confused. I only see an ad for SMK?

    But ok I'll count on my own then. SMK, MK64, MKDD, MKSS, MKDS, MKWii, and now MK3DS. I guess you'd be counting Namco's pair of arcade games too?

      Haha and then the rest of the comments appear...

    It would be nice if they made it so you could race Wii people. But obviously no kites or underwater ..etc

    I hate it when a new one comes out and the old one just get's left behind.

    Iv played both the arcade ones. They are true to the other games, so I'd say that they certainly count towards the Mario Kart count

      They were made by different people (Namco), had completely different driving mechanics and items.

      Aside from letting you race as Mario in a go kart, how are they "true"?

        They had more items, sure but if you're going to use that, then all non-Mario Kart Snes games are out.

        The driving Mechanics were only different by using an actual steering wheel and pedals instead of buttons. Coins were picked up to increase speed like the Snes. You could still bunny-hop, unlike Double-dash. The onlything I'd say was 'major' was that when power sliding you were immune to being rammed and losing coins.

        The games may not have been made by Nintendo, but they're great games, and they're definitely great Mario Kart Games.

    Yeah I counted this morning and 7 is right. Kotaku US really needs some quality control on these sort of things.

      KotakuUS can't have quality control. The site would close down if they did and considering the crap they post I always wonder what goes through Serrels and Co's minds when they decide to repost this crap.

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