Mario Robs Banks, Waves The Union Jack For Proper English

I thought I knew Mario, but I was wrong. Apparently Mario robs banks, dresses up like a cowboy and crushes koopas while waving the Union Jack. But why would Mario do such things? To teach English of course.

Super Mario: Super Englisch is an officially licensed Mario themed German to English dictionary published in 1993 that uses Mario to translate between the two languages by combining gaming's biggest name with linguistics. The result is undeniably amusing, though a little bit confusing.

Super Mario Englisch via

Photos by Eayz/Flickr


    You probably can do the reverse; learn german with Super Mario instead!

    -What's Mario like?
    -He's a bit of a superman.


    Drat, seems to be out of print. Where did you get yours? What are your tips for the best way to get one in Portland, Oregon???

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