Mass Effect 3’s Makers Aren’t Ready For Tali’s Closeup

Mass Effect 3’s Makers Aren’t Ready For Tali’s Closeup

We are 8 months from Mass Effect 3‘s release and still unaddressed is one critical detail everyone expects the trilogy will at last reveal: the unmasking of Tali.

In an interview with CVG, Casey Hudson, the executive producer for the game, implied that the team hasn’t conclusively decided what to do about Tali. Reading his comment one way, it sounds like BioWare has made its decision and is hoping fans like it. Read another, it’s still up in the air. Here’s the full context.

We changed Tali—that was tough because people were very passionate about her. A lot of people want to have her face revealed and obviously people are going to be pissed off either way.

Like “I thought she was going to look beautiful!” or “I thought she was going to be the most hideous thing ever!” So we’ve had a lot of debate over Tali’s face, but that’s the one we kind of dread a lot. We’re always “well, let’s talk about something else for a while!” That’s something we’re going to have to decide.

So it sounds like they’ve made up their minds on her appearance but are still waffling on whether to reveal it. My bet is on beautiful.

One detail is settled: Shepard will have the opportunity to punch a reporter, again.

Mass Effect 3: BioWare on Surprises, Inspiration and Tough Decisions [CVG]


  • My guess is she’s going to look a bit like Merill from Dragon Age 2… that’s kinda how I picture her, anyway… although hideously ugly Tali would be pretty funny.

    And it wouldn’t be Mass Effect if you couldn’t punch a reporter!

    • I would laugh if they pulled off the mask and underneath she has a Predator face.

      “You’re one ugly motherfucker”

  • Considering that the entire furrie base has the hots for Tali, my guess is they’ll make her look like a very attractive human with animal features.

    • Pretty much this. I loved Mass Effect as much as the next man and picked the first game way back when, back before it became the phenomenon it is.. but Mass Effect has the creepiest fringe fanbase.

      Just checking out the official BioWare forum is a den of horror that approaches Deviantart.

  • She’s a grey – The Quarian’s are all greys and they’re really hiding their faces because they know what they did to me *sniff*

  • Man! I deliberately romanced Tali in ME2 JUST so I could see her face. I was bitterly disappointed. She went to so much effort to, *cough*, prepare herself for Shep.

  • I’ve got my fingers crossed on a lizard like face (and yes, Talimancer here!)

    Maybe like a sexy Voldemort… (hah, something I never thought I’d write…)

  • Or they could just take the easy way out, and not show anything. Then try to push it onto the audience that they’re supposed to use their own imaginations to come up with the Tali face of their liking.

    People will get angry, but at least their image of Tali being beautiful/ugly/furry/elven/whateverthehellyouconjureup will be intact and BioWare can’t be accused of only appeasing one group of Tali fans.

  • I’d prefer to leave her unmasked. Keeps the whole fanbase speculating and ultimately becomes one of those features that you love or hate.

    I personally fall in to the former.

  • Anyone else not win her mission as you decided to tell the others of her race what her dad was up to?

    Screw that bitch if she can’t act like a grownup and see the sense in what I did.

  • It’s like master chief some people will want to and some people never want it to happen what ever they do some one will be upset

  • Tali is my favorite character. I think I would like to see what she looks like but I’m fine if they don’t. She’s the best eitherway. Love her 🙂

  • I never understood the obsession with Tali.
    If it wasn’t for Jack, she’d be my least favourite squadmate…

    • Gamers love demure nerdy, unassuming characters and would write 10,000 word fanfiction for it. Just take a look at the Merrill crowd.

    • Because she’s a likeable character. But I’ve only played, like, half of ME1, so I had no idea you could try and get in her pants in ME2. That to me is a little too far. She was a cool character, not THAT cool though.

  • It’s one of those situations where they just can’t win. One of the reasons people like Tali so much is BECAUSE they don’t know what she looks like. Attractive, ugly or plain, no matter what she looked like revealing her face would piss off a HUGE portion of the fanbase. They’re probably not going to do it at all.

  • The weird thing is, if you’ve ever looked, she actually has 3 things like super long finger claws thing. I dated her in the game because of her personality, but in retrospect she’d be rather grotesque underneath.

  • I’m thinking more of Garrus’ response.

    Shepard: “Garrus! Come and look! Tali has her mask off!”

    Garrus: “Can it wait a moment? I’m busy with these calibrations.”

    Old joke, I know – but it was bound to happen.

  • My Shepard banged Tali. It’s going to be somewhat awkward if she is hideous (yeh, I’m a shallow asshole).

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