Mass Effect Gentlemen (And Ladies) Prefer Blondes

Bioware recently announced it was going to give Femshep some much needed cover love in Mass Effect 3, and threw it out to the adoring Mass Effect public to help choose what the default female should look like. Now the results are in - Gentlemen (and ladies) apparently prefer blondes.

Blonde Femshep is currently at over 26,000 likes, miles ahead of second place which is hitting rough 10,000.

So there you have it. Personally I prefer the one with the mad bowlcut fringe, mainly because it looks and feels like it was designed, as opposed to simply being mulched up on the character creator. But that's just me.

What do you guys think - did they choose wisely?

Mass Effect 3′s FemShep almost certainly to be blonde [VG247]


    What was wrong with the default one of the past two games?!

      I'm guessing they didn't consider it the "official" Femshep because it was just a face they made as a generic alt and not a special scan/design like the canonical Manshep.
      But I agree, they should've just used the default. Makes the most sense for people who really care about the Femshep cover art anyway.

        I kind of feel like they could have provided a more detailed version of the generic face they provide last time. There wasn't even a broad faced red-head on the list.

        Seems like another example of Biowares downright horrible marketing department.

      Totally agree.

    I think it's because her hair looked edgy.

      I agree, I went for the overall style, not because she was blone (I would prefer if she wasn't).

      yup hair color had nothing to do with it for me.

      But then theres also the fact that the top 3 all seemed to have the sameish haircut from the front though who knows what was happening out the back.

      seeing as 2 and 3 clearly had their hair pulled back by a ponytail or something

    Meh, I'll take the default femshep from ME1 and 2.

    I knew that most blokes preferred blondes ages ago. I do!

    I have no idea why they didn't just go with the default FemShep they've had all along. Quite frankly making her look this young is disturbing.Are they going to change ManShep to a teenager too? I'm not usually one to cry "sexist" but I think this calls for it. It's a disservice to the character.

      I have to agree, O First Lady.

      The age difference is ridiculous. Shepard is meant to be 30ish years old by the time of ME3. Those faces don't look anywhere near it...

      At least the default femShep for ME/ME2 (which I loved and used for one of my characters) looked like someone who'd spent a decade in the military.

    Honestly I didn't really like any of the Shepards we had to choose from. The faces were ok but all the haircuts were just terrible.

    Isn't it kinda weird they just didn't just use default lady Shepard from the previous games? This just feels likes Bioware is just pulling a "Yo Dudebros which one is the hottest? Ladies are hot and have boobies, yo"


        Well they are hot, and they do have boobies, AND you could lesbian it up with a hot blue alien in the first game. Without that option, I never would have played a FemShep.

        Yep. I think this is exactly the thought process.

        Kinda frustrating that the marketing department grabbed this and ran with it. The dudebro is strong with this one.

      This is probably going to say more about my own weirdness then anything else but personally I respect the character of Shepard far to much to have any sort of lust after her, no matter what she looks like. That's not to say I don't find some versions of her attractive it's just I don't have a "man I want a piece of that" type feeling.

      I bet that makes me sound really strange.

        Not at all man. I'm a little afraid of my FemShep. She's a bad-ass! A good looking bad-ass but scary!

        My FemShep is a total badass. I would be too scared to hit on her in real life.

      EXACTLY my first thoughts when I first saw the post on the bioware fb page

    "much needed cover love" ?? what the hell was wrong with the past female shepard? and why the hell have they changed it for the 3rd one? its part of a dont just change how a character looks in the 3rd installment. You better be able to choose to keep your character look from the first two or im going to be super pissed.

    When I use FemShep, she's a grey old veteran and all the more awesome for it.

      In a perfect world, Femshep is Dr. Chakwas.

        I am intrigued by your ideas and wish to suscribe to your newsletter.

    The hair reminds me of final fantasy.....

    too emo / goth looking

    She looks mean.

    My issue is that she looks 15. My femshep is my renegade profile, so she's basically an old b***h.

    to me, she looks like she is either going to give you one hell of a time or send you to hell with a boat load of bullet holes.

    I don't think she got picked because she's blonde, only that she was the one choice that didn't have a ridiculous/fugly hairstyle.

      I agree completely, that's the only reason why I thought she was the most suitable femshep too.

        Fugly? Perhaps. But practical? Absolutely. When you spend most of your life wearing a helmet, believe me, you want short hair.

          But when you spend most of a GAME looking at the same person, you want them to at least look passable.

    lol, so most of the other hair styles are short or ponytail, this blonde hairstyle gets over the eyes and is the only one that stands out.and like "Bawble/Crabjiffy" said,
    final fantasy.

    hopefully they have better hairstyles for both genders in mass effect 3.

    Tone down the eyeshadow and she'd be good, methinks.

    Bioshock is smart, THEY wanted a blonde femshep so they made only 1 and split the brunette vote between 5 others.

    The choices were definitely pretty poor. I too didn't like any of them. They could have at least put a bit more time into making each of them a bit more unique instead of 'cut and paste hairstyle here' and change the face shape/colour.


      I completely agree with you. 1,2, and 5 all had the same face structure and features, they simply changed the hair style. Yet, people would say they found a particular one they liked more "feminine" or "hot". And even more interesting, many people commented on 5, that oh this one but with red hair would be perfect.. well then why didn't you just like the 2nd one? I personally feel long hair on FemShep seems out of place (in that it in rl would be very inpractical in combat)

    FemShep would never have such pretty hair. She's all business.

    This makes me glad that I can import my character from previous games (albeit probably needing a bit of a face tweak again), because like many other it seems, I much preferred the previous default femshep to any of the options presented in that vote.

    Well at least femshep is officially just as god awful as maleshep now. I think It's design choices like the look of these characters that play a big role in games continuing suffer in the eye of the general public.

    They should've had Classic Femshep as an option, it doesn't even make sense that they didn't. Also Blonde FemShep just looked wrong for the part imho. Just doesn't fit the model of shep I have in mind, classic Femshep did, perfectly.

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