Masterchef's Mat Beyer: Angry Birds "Pisses Me Off", Is All About Plants vs Zombies

Mat Beyer was controversially removed from the show Masterchef for secretly hanging on to his iPhone during the contest, but speaking to PopSugar, Mat was keen to set a few things straight. He was not playing Angry Birds, apparently he hates Angry Birds. He's all about Plants vs Zombies.

"That’s not true!" He said, after being asked about the rumours of him playing Angry Birds on the show. "[I play]Plants vs Zombies. And Doodle Jump. I don’t like Angry Birds, it really pisses me off. It’s really frustrating."

I sort of find this whole thing hilarious - particularly the fact that Angry Birds is linked to the iPhone and mobile gaming so intrinsically, that the media immediately thought that Angry Birds game he would be playing. Obviously.

Respect Mat - Doodle Jump is clearly the superior game - I was obsessed with that game for months. And Mr Beyer, just as an aside, there's no way you can beat my record.

191,000 baby.

Mat Beyer Didn't Want To Turn Into A Masterchef Sob Story [PopSugar]


    Slow news day Mark?

      I thought it was awesome! One of the girls from PopSugar, who work alongside us in the same office, interviewed him and he was ragging on the game. Considering he got kicked off for iPhone usage, I thought it was funny.

      cmon, its gaming related.

      sheesh how restrictive do you want kotaku to be in its reporting...

        I want a dedicated article for each hat in TF2.

        There won't be much time for anything else, although maybe the occasional human interest piece - like hats for robots in Portal 2.

      • Oh, I wasn't complaining. Infact Marks comment about Angry Birds being related to mobile gaming I found completely true. Was just pointing out that it must be a slow news day.

          I personally would prefer a thousand of these type of articles, then 1 more Brian 'Lolita' Ashcraft's otaku junk.

    lol I guess there is much happening today.

    191,000! that puts my 64,000 to shame.

    How's your Canabalt skills, Mark?

    I watched the elimination yesterday, poor guy but regardless if he cheated or not, he did have an unfair advantage using his iPhone while in the competition.

    Btw cut the rope is the superior game.

    I would have voted for him if I knew that!

    I usually enjoy visiting Kotaku because it ensures i do not see anything even remotely related to Master F*&%$@n Chef.

    Today has got off to a bad start...

    i thought it said MasterChief

    I guess cheaters just don't understand the complexity behind angry birds.

    Which country's masterchef, though?!

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