Meet The Biggest-Selling Wii Game Not Made By Nintendo

Meet The Biggest-Selling Wii Game Not Made By Nintendo

A common complaint amongst third-party publishers is that the only games which sell well on Nintendo consoles are Nintendo games. Which is mostly true! Unless you’re Ubisoft.

It’s been revealed that the single biggest-selling third-party game on the Wii is now (and is likely to remain, given the console’s impending replacement) Ubisoft’s Just Dance 2, which alone has sold 14 million copies.

You can see it in action up top. If you could choose only one story that would up the lifetime of the Nintendo Wii, I would hope this would be it.

Ubisoft’s Just Dance 2 Becomes Wii’s Best-Selling Third-Party Game [Gamasutra]


  • You can see why they could sensationalise something like this

    Are hardcore gamers so stuck up that any game that doesnt appeal to them instantly gets ridiculed and demonized? Why is it we cant accept there are other forms of gamers in the world with different tastes and likes. I say if there are gamers like this sort of game (even if its not ‘my cup of tea’n so to speak) then as long as they are having fun and enjoying it well thats fine, and the point of gaming. But if people are going to give people (and the console your on) a hard time for liking a game like this then you have a problem.

    i mean millions of people enjoying a casual game, whats wrong with that? Secondly why would this be the story of the Wiis lifetime, Nintendo itself makes the more memorable games on the console. This just shows there is a big market for games like this.

    • I love Just Dance 2. I’m 20 years old and an avid game. Just because it doesn’t have guns and doesn’t allow 12 year olds to call me a ‘fag’ doesn’t mean it shouldn’t sell as much.
      Hell i enjoyed this more than any cod match

  • “Ubisoft’s Just Dance 2, which alone has sold 14 million copies.”

    Actually the Just Dance franchise has sold 14 million copies combined according to the source article.

    VGChartz put Just Dance 2 at about 7.7 million copies sold, overtaking Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games as the biggest selling third-party Wii game.

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