Mega Man's 3DS Game Bites The Dust

In case you couldn't tell from the lack of serious updates or the departure of the game's creator, Capcom's Mega Man Legends 3 has now officially been shitcanned.

Neither the community-driven prototype or a final commercial product will be released, Capcom saying the progress made on the game did not meet "the required criteria" necessary for continued development.

A Message from Capcom [Capcom]


    It's looking pretty bleak on the 3DS horizon but I did think the same with the DS launch..


    This is so dissapointing. Was looking forward to this.

    To be honest, the Megaman series was kinda following in the footsteps of the Sonic franchise and were creating lame gimmicks, bad storylines and characters. It really needs a reboot.

    they forgot to add

    *due to the fact we cannot version abuse this game ala SF and VS series and actually have to develop a full stand alone game instead of half assed staggered releases then we won't bother

    Or at least thats what I'm getting here >.>

    Wow, sucks to be the 3DS right now

      I'm more worried about the poor saps who have to go man the Capcom Comic Con booth this coming Friday >.>

      Their gonna have an "interesting" time.

      As an aside... wow, massive Capcom rage going on online right now xD


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