Microsoft Kinect Hacking Challenge in Sydney

It was only yesterday we were lamenting the lack on innovation on Kinect, and making the claim that Kinect hacks were infinitely more interesting than anything being released officially on the platform. As a timely reminder, 100 developers invaded UTS. Their goal? To create fun new ways to exploit Microsoft's new controller.

Our new Gizmodo Editor Danny Allen was there, and has the full report - which includes a human tetris game, a jukebox concept, store greeter software, and, of course, Minority Report style server switching.

Head here for the full report.


    Kinect is $99 at Game atm. The online store was sold out last time I checked (about 11am), but my local store had a couple in stock. My fiance ended up getting EB to price match because she just so happened to be at the shops when I rang her to tell her the news!

      Yeah went into my local in the morning and they still had a few left although the guy told me they had already seen a few go through picking it up. Also - it was in stock around 9, out of stock at about 10:30 and then went back in stock at about 1:30.

      Mainly picked this up for the promised voice support and ME3 support so its an investment :P (Also helps that the GF can now play Dance Central here... - although that may or not be a plus :P)

    for peeps who don't know, kinects are on sale at for $99. Also have free shipping in AUS.

      dang.. just noticed the above post.

      I bought mine around 12pm on the online store though. Plus just checked it now and it doesn't say anything about not being in stock.

    Umm its called Modding, hacking is when you are breaching the system when your shouldn't be. MS left the door open for modders. Anyways, better things are happening here then with games

      Actually, "hacking" is a much broader term than you think:

      You're referring to the subset of hacking known as "cracking". For the most part, though, hacking is actually more like modding.

      Umm it's called knowing what you're talking about.

    This by far is my favorite Kinect Hackand would've taken the Kinect competition at Sydney by storm. I wonder what are the criteria for these kinds of tournaments? And the grand prize should be a grant to further develop the program/hacks!

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