Middle-Aged Man Arrested Over Plastic Schoolgirl (Stupidity Ensues)

Ruiko Saten is not real. She's a flower-in-her-hair schoolgirl character in anime To aru Kagaku no Railgun. Earlier this spring, in Shizuoka, Japan, one of her plastic figures was stolen!

According to a Sankei News report on MSN, 47-year-old Yasuyoshi Nakatsukasa apparently located a Ruiko Saten figure at second hand shop A-Too. The 20 centimeter figure was priced at ¥6,400 (US$80).

Yes, this is national news in Japan.

Sure beats the stereotypical news story involving an old dude and a schoolgirl. There are always the occasional blurbs in papers like the Sankei of a middle-aged man caught groping a young woman, such as this Microsoft employee on a train bound for Osaka.

There are men who are are afraid of being falsely accused of groping—extorted, even—and will either raise their hands over their head on the train or move away from women.

The crime Nakatsukasa is accused of is rather different. It wasn't a schoolgirl he apparently manhandled, but a schoolgirl figurine, when he supposedly tried to make off with the Ruiko statue.

At around 2pm, Nakatsukasa brought in a stack of DVDs and books to sell to A-Too. While the clerk was pricing the goods, Nakatsukasa apparently stuffed the boxed figure in his bag. He sounded the alarm when he left the store.

The clerk asked Nakatsukasa if he had anything items that he hadn't yet paid for. The suspect said he did, taking the figure out of his bag. But while talking with the clerk, Nakatsukasa fled.

The police had no trouble locating their suspect: When selling back his comics and DVDs, Nakatsukasa provided his A-Too member's card. It contained his real name and home address.

"I have nothing to say about this," the suspect told authorities. I do! If Nakatsukasa is guilty, talk about stupid. Don't shit where you eat, and don't steal things. Stealing is bad.

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    Why is Microsoft tagged? This has nothing to do with MS!

      More importantly, why is this an article? It has nothing to do with anything!

      "...such as this Microsoft employee on a train bound for Osaka."

        Which is a fleeting reference. Besides, single employees do not necessarily reflect an entire company. Again, I say that this has nothing to do with Microsoft.

    You have successfully wasted my time.

    At top states [In Real Life]
    At bottom states "Culture Smash is a daily dose of things topical, interesting and sometimes even awesome—game related and beyond."


      At top of website it states;

      "Kotaku Australia, the Gamer's Guide - Computer and video game news and reviews"


      Not to mention that the "game related and beyond" infers that the "beyond" is an extension from the "game related" thus meaning that this section should always be game related to some extent no matter how small.

    People complaining that reading this was a waste of their time when it was very clear what it was going to be about in the title.

    So the reason that this petty theft was newsworthy here is that it made the news in Japan?

    I wonder if a Japanese web site somewhere will report that Kotaku has reported that Sankei News reported on a petty theft.

    And then Kotaku can report that the Japanese web site reported that Kotaku reported that Sankei News reported on a petty theft.

    My projections indicate that, if properly harnessed, such a system could fill Kotaku's front page until the heat death of the universe, giving Kotaku's writers a well deserved vacation! :)

      Now that'd be redundent..

    FFS who gives a damn, if you decide to continue reading an article after reading the title/first sentence it's your own fault.

    This is exactly why I read k-otaku, I am glad they are going to the great extent they are to cover such rivetting informative news.

    I honestly don't think your time is THAT valuable if you are taking the time to read the whole article knowing what it was about (the title was pretty obvious) and then taking the time to complain about it.

    It's an interest piece. If you're not interested don't read it.

    This guy should be arrested. Not for the dumb shoplifting, but for being a colossal creep.

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