Minecraft Users Build Multi-level Replica Of Penn Station

This time-lapse video shows you just how diligently an entire server's worth of Minecraft players worked for their art. After three days solid of non-stop building, this multi-level replica of New York's Penn station is truly impressive.

Not only did players create the above-ground portion of the transportation hub, but they dug deep below (as Minecraft players tend to do) and created the train bays as well.

See More at Geek.com, and check out the Minecraft Forums to create a masterpiece of your own!



    Hats off!

    These guys have a whole bunch of these builds. Well worth checking out.

    Insane! Cant even describe how impressed i am.

    I'm soo hard... obsidian hard!

    This is the type of thing that gives me hope for humanity.

    Wow. Seriously amazing. I think it's time for me to start playing Minecraft. I hear there is a Kotaku Au server???

    Minecraft makes me want a proper Internet connection.

    That, and SFIV:AE

    It's like watching ants build O_O

    Lookit all them lights to keep the critters away at night!

    release the creepers!!!

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