Mirror's Edge + Canabalt + Acid? Yes Please

I'm in no way condoning drug use of any kind (except for Panadol, because I have a headache and I'm about to take some) but Fotonica is Mirror's Edge + Canabalt + Acid, and I think it looks incredible - as if someone put the one-button-jump game inside a Rez style universe that continually invents itself through motion. It's a pretty incredible experience.

You can buy it now on the game's homepage as part of a 'pay what you want' scheme, as it has just been recently released. If the above trailer hasn't convinced you, feel free to try the demo on Kongregate, but I'm sold!


    Very, very nice art style.

    This looks great.

    Cool game, gets old quickly though.

    Kinda mkes you wonder why the Tron game wasnt based around something like this.

    Runs forwards by using backward running hand motion...nice.

    You know, I could have sworn this game has been here before.

    Looks little like The LawnmowerMan
    (part 1 I mean... Part 2 sucked!_)

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