’s Owner Revealed!?’s Owner Revealed!?

Website used to redirect to Battlefield 3‘s website. Pretty funny! Modern Warfare 3 publisher Activision was not amused.

Before that, the site hosted anti-Call of Duty rants like this:

Modern Warfare is crap. On November 8, 2011, the most over-hyped first-person action series of all-time returns with the copy and paste sequel to the lackluster Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Check out the E3 2011 gameplay demo featuring the Black Tuesday level for a look at the epic fail of the campaign. Pre-Order Call of Duty MW3 Today for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC to secure exclusive bonuses only available online for Modern Warfare 3 fanboys who don’t know that Battlefield 3 is the better game. is currently offline as Activision filed a complaint with the National Arbitration Forum, seeking to “transfer the registration for the Domain Name”.

The domain’s owner was a mystery, because it was registered via proxy. When the site’s misdirect was first discovered, some thought it was ruthless trolling by Battlefield 3‘s publisher EA. However, EA told Kotaku that it did not own the site.

Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 are two big, modern first-person shooters going head-to-head this year.

As website Fusible pointed out, Go Daddy removed the domain’s privacy settings, revealing the identity of’s domain holder. The domain holder is Florida’s Anthony Abraham.

Canceling privacy settings is one way the service provider deals with UDRP (Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy), hence Abraham’s sudden unmasking.

This isn’t the first time for one of Abraham’s sites to get a public internet airing. Back in 2008, a report on website RipoffReport wrote that a Zune music download site registered by Anthony Abraham was “the epitome of a scam in every way”. The contact address and email is the same as the contact info for

Kotaku is reaching out to Abraham for a comment on the Modern Warfare 3 domain. owner revealed, Go Daddy’s Privacy removed during UDRP [Fusible]


  • battlefield has no chance against cod man get over it , im tired of hearing that their going head to head. cod will take a piss on battleshit.

  • As if Battlefield is a quality game. They’re both as dumbed down and shallow as each other. Lemme know when Nonregen health and more than 2 weapons comes back into fashion again.

    • Just letting you know now, I mean you asked to be told… BF3 will, like 2, let you carry your main weapon, backup weapon, knife, explosive (depending on class) and other necessary gear… that’s more than 2. So you know… just telling ya.

  • I beleive Activision has no right in finding out or taking down AND especially demanding the domain name. This Anthony guy has got it fair and square and because your not quick on the ball Activision, face the consequences. I bet activion has bought all the way to MW 10 now. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Good on you Anthony. I don’t care if he was dissing MW3. America promotes Freedom of Speach yet if you use it there are legal ways of shutting you down? I don’t think MW3 will lose any sales to Anthonys comments. I like BC and MW. And gamers already know which one they will purchase.

    That’s my rant.

  • @Mike

    In sales, Cock of Duty Modern Warfare 2.5 will beat BF3, but even you, and all the other CoD players know that in quality, MW2.5 has nothing on BF. And that is the ultimate truth. I give the CoD series 1 or 2 more sequels (if that) before it fizzles out.

  • its pretty sad the IW has to make games targeted at 10-12 years old fanboys to make their money

  • Haha that is amusing, as for the whole cod vs BF thing, I have loved the BF series even 2142 they have had flaws but have always been great fun. When I played COD4 I was amazed at the fast accurate shooting and smooth graphics, but now? COD has turned into such a stale boring noob filled campfest which doesn’t look like changing anytime soon, black ops is a joke of a video game. I hope MW3 can make cod interesting again instead of being purely a gallery shooter where your KD is your penis size.

  • Ever notice that whenever COD fans try to defend their game, they never have any good points? No arguments? “hurr durr something something is gonna be better than something because of no reason” , quoted by mike here? Gotta love the fanbase of shooters.

  • Sorry guys but Mike is 13 or under – hence why he see’s nothing wrong with COD. No vehicles, no destruction, ridiculous arcade-like perks, and tiny maps. Go play a big boy game Mike. COD is for the babies.

  • Oh Mike! You really have got to stop playing that violent video game. It is all you ever talk about in your sleep and you talk about all of those killstreaks you rack up from first using a predator missile. Not to mention all of those angry screaming arguments with other players. You should go play kinectimals or Mario Party 54 with me!

  • HAHA! All the comments about how immature and stupid Mike and his comment are yet half the people saying that are doing so in an equally stupid and immature way.

    Oh pot and kettle, you’re both black. Don’t you realise that?

  • I’m going to get both as I have pre-ordered both. I thought the campaign of Black Ops was the best since cod4.
    As many of you have pointed out, codmw3 will win in sales by a long margin. I wish however that EA hadn’t gone ahead with voicing they are a competitor with MW3 as they clearly are two games aimed at different types of people. EA are probably just getting their name mixed in with MW3 to make more people aware of their game. I hope bf3 isn’t dumbed down to compete with MW3. I want to say that bf3 will dominate my gaming time but I know MW3 will just because 90% of my friends will play it.

  • God I love fanboys, always gives me a laugh

    Battlefield all the way for me, COD is done for me, played one, and you’ve played them all

  • Oh of course BF3 will be bigger, not as if the last 2 COD games have been the biggest entertainment releases ever *epic sarcasm*

    Within 24 hours of its release, Black Ops had sold a combined total of 5.6 million units in the US and UK market, surpassing that of Modern Warfare 2 and establishing a new record for largest entertainment launch. Compared to the much anticipated opening of Part one of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the game earned more than twice as much as the film, earning $360 million. Only five days after its release, sales from the game worldwide reached US$650 million, surpassing the previous record achieved by Modern Warfare 2 which earned $550 million in five days.

  • Clearly Activision haven’t been watching the news in the last few months and therefore have no idea what’s going to happen to them if they succeed in stealing that domain.

  • I wish you guys would stop fighting over unreleased games…. Just wait for them to come out, read some reviews and then pick up whichever you think will suit you better. ‘Fanboyism’ doesn’t help anyone.

  • I agree with Eggah, both are unreleased it’s not worth fighting over it’s all just opinionated dribble anyway.

    If you were able to fight each other in game, then trash talk all the way. However since you’re just playing two different games side by side, no good can come of trash talking each game. BF3 has some really impressive new tech where as COD is very stale these days. MW2 did have a good single player, but so did BFBC2. Both have pro’s and cons. Both felt a little different in the way you played them.

    It seems as if a few comments were about the games distribution… Who cares, just play the damn thing.


    Seriously, shut the hell up. everyone has prefferences. discuss the damn site already. -.-‘

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