More Amazing Guild Wars 2 Art To Kickstart Your Week

As we've seen previously, with Levi Hopkins' art, there's some outstanding work being done at ArenaNet on Guild Wars 2. An impression that's only reinforced looking at the contributions of Kekai Kotaki.

Serving as Art Lead on the project, Kotaki - who not only has a fine last name but also worked on the first Guild Wars - has come up with some breathtaking stuff, which is a must-see for not just fans of the game, but of fantasy art in general.

You can see more of his work at his personal site, here. Guild Wars 2 is a long-in-development MMO for the PC that will hopefully be out next year.

Fine Art is a celebration of the work of video game artists.


    Sweet merciful crap! Now I have to go through my day knowing that nothing else I see today will look as awesome as this.

    Hmm did I just spy Deathchin v2? xD

    Ok I'm now getting this game! That and TOR is probably going to be IP blocked.

    Those look freakin' amazing...
    Still waiting on a release date D:

    Slightly off topic, how does GW stay afloat with no monthly fee to support server costs and customer support?

    Is that a thigh with a hint of knicker ... in the north pole?

    what makes it absurd is that she has furry shoulders and boots. She's going to have a black, frostbitten bum. sexy but *lame*.

    The creature in the following two images, possibly called an Oakheart, is my favourite creature of anything, ever.

    Norn women are too butch to worry about the cold.

    definitely my most anticipated game at the moment, those artworks look insane. although i expected nothing less really, GW concept art has always been the best in the business imho.

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