More DLC Coming For Red Dead Redemption?

Out of nowhere, Rockstar Games on its official Twitter has suggested that more downloadable content for Red Dead Redemption is coming, with a release date details to be provided "in the coming weeks".

The information came as a response to a user's question, "Whe'ns the new Red dead DLC coming out." We've pinged a Rockstar Games representative to ask what gives, as Undead Nightmare was thought to be the last DLC instalment in the wild wild west sandboxer.

Rockstar can confirm, however, that a quad XP weekend in Red Dead Redemption's multiplayer will begin tomorrow and last through July 4. The event begins at midnight EDT and all online multiplayer modes - including Free Roam and Undead Overrun from Undead Nightmare - earns four times the standard experience points.


    Not completely out of left field.

    A couple game sites have had "Red Dead Redemption DLC (unannounced) - 1 July 2011" listed in their "upcoming games" release date schedules for more than a few months now.

    Well I now know what I am playing this weekend.

    Cool. I was suprised that more DLC hadn't been announced. Undead nightmare did pretty well, didn't it?


    Any excuse to go back to that game. Such a brilliant work of art

    Bah, this is great, but was hoping for an annoucment for a PC version of RDR, it would go off! At least LA Noire is coming to the PC, anyone heard anything about RDR for PC at all?

    There's supposed to be a Fan Appreciation DLC, isn't there?

    But if it's even more content, I'm not complaining! :D

    Loving this, just got up 100% in Single Player last night.

    Remember on July 4th (US time) there will be quadruple XP! :D

      Haha wow, goes to show what I get for reading only the title and posting a comment, oh well, I'm an idiot.

    Man... I really, really hope it is singleplayer DLC, I love the game world of RDR, but the multiplayer is so laggy for me in AUS about 90% of the time, I just don't wanna play it.

    Yup, fan appreciation dlc, i remember getting an email about it or something like that :)

    Quadruple xp, but you got to be up at like 4am to get it, and they are usually only for a few hours

      Scratch that, didn't realise it was for the whole weekend.

      They have a few other dates for triple xp, but those are the 4am ones :(

    The multiplayer is boring as hell for me. Hope it's for single player.

    please please please be more co-op missions and gang hideouts.

    i need a co-op mission train heist

    I just hope its more farm chores.

      Or more card games! Yay 52 pickup!

    Red Dead Noire, Im Calling it now

    Herbert Mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon!!!!!!

    Marston vs Aliens

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