More Glimpses At The Game Of Thrones Computer Game

Due out this Australian winter for the PC, A Game of Thrones - Genesis includes a single player campaign written under the supervision of author George R.R. Martin.

These four new images gives us a look at the Targaryen army during a siege, the brothers from the Night's Watch on patrol near Castle Black, the Tyrell forces leaving Highgarden for a long campaign and, yes, finally, the Iron Throne.


    The opening credits sequence of the show looked like a more interesting game, but this might just be interesting.

    Then again, it is the tie-in to an adaptation. Somehow that doesn't bode well.

    I can see a lot of seams on those towers in the first pic hehe. Is this TV series worth my time to watch?

    "Due out this Australian winter..."

    Was this article edited to suit us Aussies? Maybe I haven't noticed in other articles but this is something that should happen more often. Thanks Mark!

      That was Elly! But I'll take any praise I can get!

        haha, thanks as well Elly! :P

          worth reading but i would read the books first. then again watching sean bean carve it up on the tv would have been even better if i didnt know the story.
          in conclusion YES!!!!!

            I watched the series without reading the books and it was fantastic. I really think this is the better order to do it in, though I will now be reading the books before the second season starts.

            The series has a lot of characters and moves fairly quick, so at first it seems like its hard to keep up but you quickly get used to it. If you want to know everything you can go online to find out the details of minor characters that are mentioned or look at the family trees with actor pictures so you remember everyone's names.

            I was actually quite happy with how fast it moved as it didn't feel like the content of the books were being dumbed down too much.

            I say watch the series then the books as if you watch the series, all will be new to you and then you can read the books which should have a lot more detail about the world and the characters, so there is still stuff that is new to you. Whereas if you read the books first you will already know everything and won't get that excitement of wondering what happens next.

              "I say watch the series then the books as if you watch the series, all will be new to you and then you can read the books which should have a lot more detail about the world and the characters, so there is still stuff that is new to you. Whereas if you read the books first you will already know everything and won’t get that excitement of wondering what happens next."

              What? Reading plot twists in the book is just as exciting, if not moreso than seeing it on-screen. The HBO adaptation is just gravy.

              It also works both ways. The people who watch the show will just spoil the book plot twists.

              Additionally, there are plenty of additions in the show that were completely fresh, due to the PoV chapter layout of the novels. Ie. if the PoV doesn't actually see something happen, or hear about it, it effectively never happened. Scenes like Jaime/Tywin, Robert/Cersei, Loras/Renly were not in the books and were entirely new.

            I watched the series first, now reading the books with the actors voices fresh in my head. Makes it all the better.

            Sean Bean carves everything up on the screen. Once more there is an actor on the large or small screen whose career is worthy to follow with gusto.

            Red Riding, Black Death, Age of Heroes. Will even check out the new Silent Hill movie though most likely in 2D.

    It looks really cheap.

    It's winter now, so when is it coming? The game, not winter, it's always coming apparently.

      im assuming that this was intended for readers/views since "winter is coming" is the motto of one of the main families.

        It's not really the stark family motto moreso the fact winter is coming and the winters can apparently last decades. The books and hbo miniseries are fantastic. Get on it!

          And again, it means less about the actual winter as the Starks have always endured, but rather the recurring motif of the Others threat.

          That even in the face of annihilation by horrors from beyond the Wall, the noble houses will still play their game of thrones and petty squabbles.

            I just read through the first two books, and in pretty much every instance "Winter is coming" is mentioned as their family motto, it's in the context of actual winter and preparedness for the long, cold darkness.

    Man the theme song is playing constantly in my head now, looks interesting but I need to see more.

    The HBO TV show is excellent, very shakespearian. I am re-reading the books again as the next book has finally been released! It only took the author 4 or so years to do the latest book!

      Try a decade. A Feast For Crows is only the 'cutting room material' from A Dance With Dragons. Meaning it's been something like 10 years since our last Jon or Tyrion chapter.

    They really need to get the guys that made Witcher II to make a Game of Thrones game. Same engine please


    I still maintain any game based on A Song of Ice and Fire should be an rpg. The series main focus, at least to me, has always been about characters and talking, the stuff that's core to rpgs, as well as small group and single person conflicts and not about big battles between hundreds or thousands of men that make up the core of an RTS.

      Completely agree with you mate

      There are plenty of games that play like ASOIAF RPGs, but just stop short of using actual names. Just off the top of my head, the Human Noble origin story in Dragon Age Origins just reeks of GRRM.

    Winter is coming ..... actually it's here!

    What do you mean due out this Australian winter? Melbourne IS Westeros! 18 months into our current winter with no end in sight. I myself am considering taking the black to protect the realm from Sydney-folk

    Researching : incest 70% complete
    An assassin strikes! Deploy direwolf?
    Gain favor with great houses : Deploy direwolf?
    Make little man fly?
    Little man deploys bawdy tale about milking his eel into turtle stew
    It's super effective!
    Move back 3 territories
    Stick to principles as matter of conscience y/n
    You have died
    Play again?

    The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' series has been on my "I really do intend to read this" list for years and years and HBO making a show about it finally kicked me in the pants enough to go buy the first book and start. Just started 'A Game of Thrones' yesterday, actually and so far I'm really digging the tone and characters. :)

    I haven't seen the show as I would rather read the books first, so I'm kinda totally new to the whole world/universe... but those screens look kinda... meh. Definately not capturing he images I've been getting from the novel :-P

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