My Teeth Hurt After Watching These Wii Kids

As one of the worst examples of "it's on the Wii, shovel it out there" publishing, I don't have many kind words to say about Ubisoft's Just Dance 2, one of the biggest-selling games in years.

THAT SAID. I can at least see where the appeal lies. Namely, with the kind of parents who film videos like this and upload them to YouTube.

HAVE YOU SEEN THIS VIDEO YET?!?! [Just Dance @ Facebook]


    At least my ears weren't hurting (compared to the creepy E3 Kinect kids)

    My sisters play it. Tho, they don't film it at put it on youtube. lol

    that was the longest two minutes of my life.

    I'm gunna say it. I will probably end up buying this crap for my son to play. I'm not proud of this fact, I just know he will love it. BUT he'll only like it if it has bands more like Rocket Science or the Hive. His tastes may change before he hits two though.

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