My Tour Of Deus Ex Art Ended In The Bathroom

My Tour Of Deus Ex Art Ended In The Bathroom

In SoHo, New York City, down among the art galleries, there is an exhibition for Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It’s in the Wooster Street Social Club, where they have a wall of posters promoting the virtues of human augmentation and a wall of posters that protest against it.

I stopped by today, a day after a raucous charity and promotional event for the art and the game and got a quick tour. Our guide for the tour is Jonathan Jacques-Belletête, art director of the new Deus Ex. We started by checking out his own unusual numbered tattoos and we wrapped, oddly, in the bathroom.

(The noise you may hear in the background during the tour is a tattoo gun augmenting one of the people who dropped by the the Social Club today.)

A limited run of the posters you can see in the video are supposed to be on sale at Charity Buzz, with the proceeds going to arts education, according to a Deus Ex spokesperson. I didn’t seem them there when I checked and have asked for a more specific link. I’ll add that here for those interested in springing for some art.

Enjoy the tour — and the art. The game will be out on August 23.


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