NCAA Football Fans, Your Real Rosters Have Arrived (On Xbox 360)

NCAA Football Fans, Your Real Rosters Have Arrived (On Xbox 360)

There’s always a race to publish the first complete, accurately named roster for NCAA Football 12, and this year it was available on the day of release. However, that doesn’t usually address depth chart placement, equipment details, or for some players, position changes and attribute re-ratings.

For those waiting for truly accurate rosters before beginning their dynasties or single player Road to Glory campaigns, they have now arrived. Operation Sports’ long awaited Community Roster project has just rolled out its first edition. According to the editors:

• All players are named
• All jersey numbers are corrected as accurately as possible
• All transfers are in the game
• All players who are no longer on the team have been removed
• Equipment overhaul on over 75 percent of teams.
• All coaches are named
• Minor re-rates on certain players

You can find them under the following names in the Roster Share selection under NCAA Football 12‘s team management menu.

1) CcAaRrSsOoNn3
2) Nsuplaya84
4) CK11

Also, for online players on the Xbox 360, Fairdale Kings, one of the leading names in roster editing, has just published his first version for NCAA Football 12. Simply go to the Team Management menu, select Roster Share, select Download Rosters, and then enter FAIRDALE KINGS at the prompt for a Gamertag.

OS NCAA Football 12 Community Roster Available Now, Details Included [Operation Sports]

FAIRDALE KINGS NCAA Football 12 Rosters (360) [Operation Sports]

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