Nearly Six Minutes Of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

This is like no Resident Evil game you've ever played: You run, you gun, you eat through boxes of ammo.

In Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City the creep dead are less an inevitable death and more a tactical weapon that can turn on you. Wound an enemy deeply enough, or be wounded enough, and they will fall upon their victim in a blood frenzy.

The rest of the time they're sort of in the way as you fight to clear the city from the meddling military Special Ops.

Here's a quick look at nearly six minutes of an early level of the game. Keep in mind that while I'm playing on my own, up to four players can take on a level together at a time.


    This is shit

    For a departure from the series, I like where this is going, but 6 minutes is not very indicative of the game, one way or another. Especially if you're filming it on a handicam.

    Multiplayer is online only? Looks like I just lost my reason to buy this.

    I feel like the people making Resident Evil games of late are not the same people who played the first couple Resident Evil games back in the day.

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