New Final Fantasy PSP Gets A New Trailer

Final Fantasy Type-0 is a big game—so big that it's coming on two UMDs. Big games need big trailers.

And when they're not big, they can at least be long. The latest FF Type-0 trailer clocks in at five minutes.

The game, which features a theme song by Japanese rockers Bump of Chicken, will be out in Japan on October 13 for ¥7,700 (US$98).

Thanks, Tjoeb123 for the tip!


    Bump of Chicken, now that's a band I didn't think I'd here in the J-Pop saturated markets of modern Japanese media!

    Pity my PSP's internal memory card reader is broken...

    Is anyone else getting a Code Geass vibe from this game??

      Nope, just Crisis Core, which is fine by me.

    So when does this come out in the west?

    wtf @ 2 UMDs, is this the first PSP game to have multiple discs?

      You just KNOW they'll fill it up with hours of questionable FMVs including the much-needed "Beach/Pool scene" like Valkyria Chronicles 2.

        I'm expecting a lot of teen angst and emo-ness in the game and its cut scenes, like Hope in FFXIII. *shudders*

        *note to self, get Valkyria Chronicles 2*

    Teenagers named after a deck of cards fighting off an entire army using KH realtime fighting?? and TWO UMD's?? man, i wish my hands didnt cramp up while playing my psp..

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