New Street Fighter Documentary Released: King Of Chinatown

Justin Wong is one of the top Street Fighter players in the world and this documentary, King of Chinatown, focuses on his attempt to make a living from competitive gaming. It looks pretty intriguing.

I'm a fan of competitive gaming in general, which has grown rapidly over the last decade. Justin Wong is one of the major stars in the competitive Street Fighter scene and King of Chinatown follows the trials and tribulations of attempting to take professional gaming seriously as a full time gig.

You can find more details here.

Thanks to EXC355UM for the heads up!


    For those that don't know, Justin Wong is the other guy in this video. The loser.

    Will definitely be watching this one, and I'm looking forward to the documentary that is in the works about Mike Ross.

    Tis a strange (but damned interesting) world we live in.

      BTW, I'm not trying to imply that he is bad. He dominates US tournaments in pretty much every game that he plays (and he plays damn near everything). Just trying to give people a point of reference.

      Focus needs a digital release already, sucks how only a few people in the US have seen it. Seeing as how Mike is one of the most lovable people in the fighting game community it's hard to see how it won't be entertaining.

      As far as King of Chinatown goes, as soon as my pay goes in I'll be sure to grab it. Should be good to see how Justin rose up to his current position.

    You have to respect Wong for always bucking the trend. He'll play a character purely because the character is not a tourney favourite.

      I'm not sure that's necessarily true. Sure, he'll bust out a low-tier character for lulz every once in a while, but his main is almost always top tier.

      Not that there's anything wrong with that.

    Watched the on demand version today, Loved it! I would recommend this to anyone who loves documentaries.

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