Nintendo 3DS Australian Price Slashed: Now $249.95

Nintendo 3DS Australian Price Slashed: Now $249.95

We’ve been talking about the big issues surrounding the Nintendo 3DS a lot lately. From major releases being delayed to gathering dust, the 3DS is struggling to make its mark. Now Nintendo has slashed the Australian price from $349.95 to $249.95. Almost 30% cut from the price just months out from launch. For a company that is notorious for waiting until they absolutely have to before you ever see a price drop, this is a clear admission the 3DS really needs more buyers.

What does this mean for the future of the platform?


      • Yep, $169.99 to be specific.

        You would have to import all the games as well. But Given the massive price discrepancy, you will be much better off just getting all your games on eBay.

  • Desperate times, desperate measures eh?

    I will still avoid the 3DS. I just can’t see myself using it haven’t owned a Nintendo handheld since the GameBoy Pocket, can’t say I’ve been tempted to own one since.

    Interesting though, does this also mean a price drop for the DSiXL?

  • I am not liking the way its going. I have one and the sad fact is the 3d sucks. I am scared to use it incase I end up with a brain tumor.

  • It means nintendo want to sell heaps before the ngp comes to kick it in the shins.

    either that or they will bring out a more powerfull device, stuped if they do, even nintendo sheep will get sick of a new device every 6-12 months

    • Not so sure about that as their are sheep out there that buy apple products in that same period and it not hurting apples sales at all.

  • This is turning into a bit of a disaster.
    Current owners are going to feel severely ripped off, and new owners still won’t have any good games to play.

    Could this be the beginning of the end for one of gaming’s biggest companies?

  • It means I got ripped off. At least when Apple does this they have the decency to pretend to do something for everyone who bought at launch! This is an outrage!

    Okay, not really. I don’t really care…

    • Gamers who bought early get a package. I’m stuck in a taxi right now, but will update when I get home!

      • Wait, really? H-uh, that makes me happier, not that I really cared to begin with. Cheers Mark!

  • Everyone that i have talked to that has a ds is hanging off as of 2 reasons. 3d isnt worth it and hardly any games.

    I have bought one as i never bothered about the ds. Now i have a backlog of ds games to play 🙂 The only 3ds game i have bought is Zelda OOT 3D.

  • I feel like I’ve been ripped off with my 3DS. Screw you nintendo, I bought at launch. You treated me like crap by doing this. It’s only been a few months and it’s 30% cheaper.

    It’s an insane price drop, and a huge “FUUK YOU” to everyone (like me) who bought on day one.

  • I will always steer clear of Nintendo. I bought a wii and it collected dust.

    I dont want to come across as a hater but it seems that they are amazing at innovation in hardware, but then support it with first party titles of the same franchises over and over.

    Unless something amazing comes out, Im off these guys for good.

    Ultimately im a gamer so if they come out with a great device with games to support it, im in! but It just looks like they focus a little too much on differentiating themselves from the market without considering how their customers will use the device after a couple of months.

    Its a shame really because they have so much potential… and competition is always a good thing.

  • … bugger I got one from my local GameTraders after trading my DSi just before AVCon feel a little jipped but the news of a compensation package sounds nice

  • Exciting. I bought one at launch, so I can’t wait to get my free VC games… AND it means I’ll be buying a second 3DS sooner than anticipated!

    Yes, I was already considering buying a second.

    • Your not really getting free games as you payed for them with the huge price difference. If they refunded the difference then gave you the games then they would be free. But we all know thats not going to happen.

  • I think this is just as reaction to the pricing of the Vita. Nintendo probably wants to shift as many units as they can before it’s released.

    I got my 3DS on release for $288, so I’m not TOO unhappy. I would be a lot grumpier if they had announced a 3DS Lite instead. :/

    That said, 20 free eShop games for those that bought early sounds like a pretty generous offer (considering that 10 of them are GBA games, which Nintendo hasn’t even confirmed they would be selling).

    Not happy, but not angry.

  • PS Vita is only a few months away, and with 3DS struggling already it wouldn’t have a chance against PSV at the same price. Nintendo are obviously trying to get some momentum going before the competition arrives, and given the lack of games at present that leaves price as the only real weapon available to them.

  • This really doesn’t make a good impression on how the wii u will do, if i were nintendo i would stop the wii u all together and take it back to the drawing board. It’s better to work on something new and have the titles to support it, then rush it and have no support at all. Nintendo were the juggernaut in the console and handheld department not so long ago, but they need to refocus their target if they want to do just as great in the upcoming 5-10 year period.

  • Anyone know the trade in value for the 3DS at EB or Game! Just asking if anyone has trade in their 3DS.

  • Haha, Sony exposes the credit card details of thousands of customers, and they get 6 meh games.
    We adopt a console early, and we get 20 brilliant games.
    I have too much joy.

  • Nintendo is like the current Labor party – make huge promises, suck you in, and then screw you in the long run.

  • GG kotaku on once again not getting the whole story, if you buy the platform before august whatever you get 10 nes games and 10 exclusive GBA games, and really now if you paid $350 when it came out you definitely didn’t look around enough as I got mine at kmart for only $288

  • I’d just about guarantee EB and the like will have already adjusted their trade prices accordingly. They’re pretty fast on stuff like this.

    I’m pretty glad I already sold mine on eBay for a tidy profit (collectors edition Zelda helped that!)… but the freebie games are tempting me back in if I can find someone desperate to fire-sale theirs 🙂

  • No no no Nintendo. It’s not the price that stops people buying it. People will buy anything for any price no matter how absurd. It’s the GAMES!!! Remember the games? They were those things you used to do so well Nintendo. I look at the current line up of 3DS games and I see TWO games that interest me. I use the word “Interest” because it’s not even that I’d play them for very long (Those two are Street Fighter and OOT). Get more games on it. Get BETTER games on it. Get games that actually…I don’t know…USE THE 3D IN AN INNOVATIVE WAY???!!! Remakes of classic old games with 3D thrown in do not make for a compelling handhold.

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