Nintendo's Former President Just Lost Half A Billion Dollars

A disastrous last quarter in terms of sales has sent Nintendo's share prices through the floor. If you own Nintendo shares, sorry! But hey, even if you do, it could be worse; spare a thought for former president Hiroshi Yamauchi. He just lost $US500,000,000 in one day.

It's not like he'll be out on the street; Yamauchi, who used to be Japan's richest man, is so rich he can take a $US500 million hit in his overall wealth and still rise to greet the day.

But boy, losing $US500,000,000 in a single day has gotta hurt. I lost $US2 down the side of my driver's seat last week and went through half a box of tissues!

Yamauchi ran Nintendo for over 50 years, and also used to own the Seattle Mariners baseball team.

Nintendo President Loses $US500M in Single Day [Bloomberg]


    That's a lot of tissues, Luke. You better cut back or you'll go blind.

      How can he type with such hairy palms?

    3DS is just 2 dam expensive i really want one but even when it drops to 249 its still to much

    Just today I got a reprieve from a bill and am $50 up on my expected position, techncially this means I'm doing better than the former nintendo president.

    Shame it'll all change tomorrow...

    I don't really understand buisness, but it looks like he never had that money? It was projected profits and it didn't go as well, so it's not really a loss?

    You can't even quote your source correctly. Bloomberg states "Nintendo Stock Rout Costs Billionaire Yamauchi $300 Million in Single Day".

    Poor Luke. You lost $2, then had to spend another 2 on the tissues you used to grieve. Prob had to get another box to grieve the $2 for the tissues too.
    That's 6 dollars! How can you afford to eat?

    I'm tired of the idea that stocks are the same as money, he didn't lose money, he just lost oportunity to turn those stocks to money.

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