Not So Fast: The New PS3 Won't Need HDMI For HD Gameplay

Good news, good news: Turns out that leaked GameStop memo about the new PS3 was real, but it was also wrong.

While Sony is indeed quietly rolling out a new PS3 model (it's called the CECH-3000 series), that model won't force you to use HDMI out to play video games in HD. HDMI will only be required if you want to watch movies in HD.

The change appears to be driven by the AACS Final Adopter Agreement that limits how a Blu-ray signal can get to a television.

Early this morning PlayStation confirmed that the new model is headed to stores, but noted that it won't impact a gamer's ability to play games in HD through a component cable.

Why did GameStop send out a memo to employees telling them to notify customers that HDMI would be required for HD gameplay on the new models?

It was a mistake, apparently, one Gamestop is now correcting.


    If you have a PS3, and use component on an HDTV, you're a bloody idiot.

      What about when your HDMI port breaks and it costs nearly as much as a new console to repair it? >.<

        How the heck do you break a HDMI port? It's not like you could mistake it for a toaster and jam a piece of bread in there or something...

      Agree every HD TV or monitor now has HDMI, why not use it? Unless your recording the game play through an older analogue device.


      Because, you know, all HDTV's before 2006 had HDMI inputs - stupid people.

      You're a moron.

      I first hooked up my PS3 to an LG HD LCD TV (getting 720p and 1080i - which are considered HD signals) via component, because it didnt have HDMI - only DVI.

      But hey, what did I know. I was a bloody idiot.

      I think you mean composite, component is capable of full hd.

      "Why did GameStop send out a memo to employees telling them to notify customers that HDMI would be required for HD gameplay on the new models?"

      Because Gamestop is more interested in money?

      Why? It does HD signals just as well as HDMI, I know some people (like my father) have AV equipment that doesn't have HDMI but it does have component, what is their options for using a PS3? Some kind of magical non-existent link?

        difference is that this is a new console. Much like youd be hard pressed to find a TV that doesn't have HDMI.

        If we had to account for every possible tv box in existent the back of a PS3 would be huge.

        If your Tv doesn't have HDMI, you can buy a HDMI-component cable.

        There is nothing about this that harms the customer in any way

      Disagree. Have you considered that people may have the PS3 but not necessarily an HDTV to play it with? I know in the Philippines the PS3 is big but 32" hdtvs there can go up to $3000 equivalent. Not every country is lucky or rich enough to afford to have TV bundles that come with a free PS3 for a fraction of the price.



        Well said.

          @dopey, @Guy


          I agree with your points wholeheartedly but you guys should read hristinho18's post again.

          He said
          "if you have a PS3 and use component on a HDTV"

          he's referring specifically to people who DO have HDTVs, not the people who don't

      >mean comment saying you're wrong<

      "If you have a PS3, and use component on an HDTV, you’re a bloody idiot."

      Or you could be someone or forked out a boat load of money for a HD TV that was yet to adopt HDMI.

      Or you could be someone has only one or two HDMI ports and they have already been taken up by another unit like a 360 thus the only remaining port is the Component.

      In future, consider the full circumstances before making comments like that.

      Given free 42' Fujitsu 42' panal that is 9 years old. No speakers - No HDMI - No real Amp (just a Pana surround system) No money for a 2nd TV as good as the first one my wife watches SD reality TV on.....but I still get to idiotically game...hehehehe

    its only for blu-ray, right? it won't stop you playing games in HD, or watching DVDs. My older HDTV came with no HDMI inputs at all, but i use a gdmi-dvi adapter to connect to the ps3. Also, for people without HDTVs, why would you pick blu-ray instead or DVD? Its still more expensive, and ou won't get any benefit at all!

      As surprising as it sounds, while one does not get the resolution the image is still far clearer in and more vibrant.

      So there is still benefit even for SD TV users. I myself used to play HD DVDs on an SD TV and the image was still better than when I used the DVD equivalent. The colour was better and the image while scaled down was still far clearer than the DVD.

      Besides this, getting the BluRay instead of the DVD also future proofs one's collection. When the current SD TV retires, what is one most likely to get?

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