Not Your Typical PSP Memory Stick

If Photo Kano is all the creepy picture-taking you could ever want, then you're going to need a new Memory Stick. Good thing Sony is releasing just that!

Going on sale September 29, the Photo Kano 4GB Memory Stick is priced at ¥3280 ($37). It comes with a redeemable code for Photo Kano PSP wallpaper.

Photo Kano is kind of like Pokémon Snap meets schoolgirls.

SCEJ、「フォトカノ"メモリースティック PRO デュオ"(Mark2)4GB」。特別仕様の"メモリースティック PRO デュオ"を初回生産限定にて発売 [GAME Watch]


    I miss the days of the random custom memory card. At the mom and pop game store near me they have the dragon ball z memory cards for the ps2 and I always wanted to buy it.

    I thought electronics were always supposed to be cheap in Japan? I bought a 16gb memory card for $23, and whats the point in it looking good when its hidden inside the psp?

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