Now Four Eyes Can Look Cool In 8-Bit Glasses

For the glasses wearer looking to lower the resolution of their frames, designer Dzmitry Samal offers pairs of retro-futuristic pixelated glasses, inspired by late '80s video games and "society's fascination with an 'informational aesthetic'".

Samal is selling two styles of 8-bit frames, the 6dpi and 5dpi, each hand-made pair running a cool 198 euro (about $268). "While computer images and graphics have been revolutionised over the past two decades, these glasses are reminiscent of society's digital roots and how technology has inspired almost everything in use today," he writes. "Even something as utilitarian as glasses can be transformed using technology."

Cheap? No. Stylish? Sure! Want some? You can pre-order them now from Samal's web site.

Samal Design Collection [Samal Design via it8bit]


    I think they look horrible like the rest of this Pixel Chic that seems to have popped up.

    Hipsters everywhere will rejoice.

    These glasses are excellent for identifying tools. You could be a very nice person, but if I see you walking around with those, my immediate reaction is "Personality Replacement Device".

    I bet the only people that wear them are those who think "glasses make me look smart" rather than those who NEED to wear glasses.

    I won't be buying any and will stick with my cheapo pairs from Specsavers, thanks :P

      Me too, I got two pairs of the $60 EDD glasses.

    I have a feeling that while they do look great on the pictured fetching female, on most people they will just look rather foolish.

    Let's keep the hipsters away from nerdery, please.

    She looks like Roxanne Richter from Scott Pilgrim, dontcha think?

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