Now Make A Castlevania That Copies BloodRayne

Now that I've gotten past the shock of the initial reveal and the awe of the first trailer, I'm done referring to BloodRayne: Betrayal as a game that's trying to be Castlevania. With each new screenshot I find myself wishing there was a Castlevania that looked this good.

The screens don't do the game justice, but here they are nonetheless. Developer Way Forward are quickly establishing themselves as masters of 2D gaming, establishing a fluidity of motion in games like this and A Boy and His Blob like we've never seen before. Someone get these folks a Castlevania licence.

I'd settle for some sexy Alucard on BloodRayne fan art. No no, that's the wrong Alucard. Screw it, I'll just wait until the game comes out in August and use my imagination.


    Topping the Castlevania 2D gameplay experience found on the DS is a pretty high claim if you ask me. Looking forward to reading some reviews on this though

    I want this game ;_;

    I hope it comes out on Wii U or something so I can play it. Hell I'd settle for plain old Wii >_>

    could be good.
    hope it's a linear one like SCIV.

      I almost had a nerdgasm when u mentioned SCIV!

      But after watching the video I was impressed that the characters have so many animation frames. Way more than any 2D CV I've ever played.

    Not so sure about the graphical claim, mate. Those screens have some pretty obvious contrast issues. Animation could save the game-cue problem easily, but it'll still have the problem of the line-based background art to wrestle with.

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