One Piece In Restaurant Form

This (northern) summer, Universal Studios Japan is hosting two nerd-friendly events. One is life-sized Monster Hunter monsters. The other?

The second is a One Piece-themed restaurant. This summer, USJ eatery Lombard's is being turned into Sanji's Pirates Restaurant as part of USJ's One Piece Premier Summer that includes a live action show where Waterworld is usually performed.

Scroll down to check out the eatery. Pictures courtesy of Gigazine.

サンジやルフィと一緒に記念撮影もできるUSJ「サンジの海賊レストラン」 [GIGAZINE]


    *buys tickets to japan*

    Man they need better Sanji cosplayers, where's the cigarette?

    its a lollipop remember not a cigarette U need to watch more One Piece.

    If it doesn't include the host kicking the crap out of you out of the restaurant, it won't be the complete one piece experience.

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