Ooh! The Kinect Star Wars 360 Bundle Has A White Kinect!

I'm of the opinion that the Kinect Star Wars 360 looks pretty cool and is the new 360 I'm looking for. Now, my quest to Jedi mind trick my wife into letting me buy one has become infinitely easier with the news that it features a sexy white Kinect.

Also - as confirmed by the Xbox Australia twitter feed - we will be receiving this product in Australia.

I'm pretty sure that the Star Wars Kinect game will be a staggering pile of guff, but the Star Wars console and the white Kinect?


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    This is the only pitch so far that has made me want a 360.
    Fanboyism at its best.

    yeah I must admit, I'm stuck between the Gears of War 3 console and this one now.

      yeah im in the same boat man, but im leaning to the gears 3 console bundle

      the gears bundle is by far better (if you have a kinect already)... but the star wars console with its look and custom sounds and blue ring instead of green was enough for me to cancel my gears 3 console pre-order

    Console: Yes
    Game: No

    Need a new console after my other one died. Any word on what side HD this will come with? 250gb?


      It comes with a 320gb HDD

      EB Games website says 320 gig, $598.00.

      not a chance in hell. think i'll stick with my old "elite" thanx.

    I'm almost hoping for a RRoD on my Elite so I have an excuse to buy one.

      Or you can trade it at Game for $160 credit towards the Star Wars bundle :)

      Me too but for the Gears of War console.

    As reported by Joystiq - “The Limited Edition Star Wars Xbox 360 console, priced at $449 in the States, has been given a suggested retail price of £349.99 in the UK (ouch, that's $570 US!). The standard 250GB Xbox 360 Kinect bundle retails at £299.99.”

    Given Microsoft’s love of Australia, this is looking like a price tag well in excess of $600 over here. It might look awesome but I’m not going to be able to justify spending that much on it.

      It's up for pre-order on game.com.au for $597

      I was going to get the GoW3 360 but now I am definitely getting this bundle! Game have decent trade values for consoles. EB are also doing 50% extra trade credit to pre-orders atm, although I'm not sure if that includes consoles.


      EB has it listed on their website for $598 - granted, that COULD change, but that's their placeholder for now.

    It also has R2D2 noises on bootup/opening disc tray, and on the inside of the disc tray there's small print text saying "help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope".

    If I were as into Star Wars as I was even five years ago I'd be buying this regardless. However, I already have a Kinect, I just bought a new Xbox, and my wife thinks it looks tacky. :(

    This would stick out like you know what in my all black home theater. Still it is pretty cool, but its too little too late in the life of the console.

    My wife says that I already have a working xbox (250 gig Elite), so why would I need a new one?

    Babe, you've already got 28 pairs of shoes... why did you need to buy a new pair last week?

    GAME is selling this console for $597 currently guys. $50 pre-order :)

    Do want.

    Am I the only one who thinks it looks god awful? Especially the controller? I love me some Star Wars, but it just seems .. tacky to me.

      Thanks be to the Jedi that I'm not alone in this. It looks ridiculous.

      Now give me a Vader themed console/controller set up, and I'll look seriously at it.

      Or something styled like a Jedi robe, that would be cool too.

      But this... this is... disappointing.

      Agree, I don't like the look of the controller. And with the shininess I'd be obligated to constantly clean it and remove the fingerprints.

      The console itself is pretty cool though.

      The controller is shiny at least but the console is hands down the ugliest custom I've ever seen.

    TBH I didn't want to get the x-box slim's because IMO they looked like a pile of you-know-what, but this is possibly one of the best looking consoles I have ever seen and I'm not even a huge Star Wars fan-boy. Day 1 buy for me I'm guess, new car be damned. I NEED THIS!

    /me waits for moar Slim Xbox360 pricedrops...

    The controller is god awful, but the console is an amusing gimmick.

    I don't get why the white Kinect is a winner for you though Mark - is black not less conspicuous? Personally, a white Kinect at launch would have almost been a deal breaker for me.

    I've been looking for an excuse to upgrade my Elite. This is it.

    Love the cost of this...

    Just when we have reached $1.10US with the AUD.

    The way the US is going it will be $1.20 soon enough as well! makes it even worse to buy locally!

    If anyone still reads this, Harvey Norman Online have this console for $345 clearance and free postage. Got one! A year and a half later.

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