Poison Highlights The Latest Character Reveal For Street Fighter X Tekken

Poison Highlights The Latest Character Reveal For Street Fighter X Tekken

Poison, the dominatrix hotty from Final Fight headlined another four-character reveal for Street Fighter X Tekken at Comic-Con 2011. She will be joined by Dhalsim and, from Tekken, Steve Fox and Yoshimitsu.

During a panel defined by teases, in more ways than one, the audience briefly believed Darkstalkers characters would be confirmed for the game. Flashing a slide that said “Darkstalkers are not dead,” to wild applause, producer Yoshinori Ono then said Capcom management had not yet approved the characters. Reminding the crowd that at last year’s Comic-Con, they held up a dollar bill as a show of support for Darkstalkers‘ inclusion, Ono implored the audience to hold a ten-spot. Everyone thrust money in the air.

Another tease: A slide of Hello Kitty in a Chun Li outfit, with no indication of what it was for, other than that Capcom would be interested in this sort of collaboration.

Finally, following Poison’s trailer reveal, Ono and Tekken producer/director Katsuhiro Harada engaged in a friendly rivalry, playing Street Fighter X Tekken with the four new characters. Ono prevailed with Poison and Dhalsim, and thus Harada was subjected to a handcuffing and whipping by three booth babes (and three dudes) cosplaying as Poison.


  • Poison, is actually a dude.
    I’m being serious, the original Japanese game, she was a girl but when porting it to the US, they didn’t want the player beating up a girl.
    THEY CHANGED HER TO HIM, now everybody forgetting that fact

  • Not really, Poison is a tranny, so you’re half right. He/she (it?) was always a dude dressing as a girl, however they have said that she is a ‘post op’ tranny in the american version, but not actually changing anything about the visual look of the character, just the backstory.

  • Please stop using the term tranny, it’s offensive.

    Anyway, yay Poison! I know who I’m maining!

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