Pre-Order Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary To Make Every Grunt Go Out With A Bang

Pre-Order Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary To Make Every Grunt Go Out With A Bang

If you’re on the fence about picking up Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, these preorder bonuses might seal the deal.

Gamers who preorder Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary will receive some fancy Master Chief armour to keep your avatar ready for action, or Comic-con.

That’s not enough you say? Well how about an ingame grunt funeral skull? This game modifying skull will set off every grunt you kill like a plasma grenade creating either a dangerous environment or an incredibly easy Legendary play through.



  • the one thing i don’t like about this seemingly copy paste job of the originaal halo engine is that some things like no ragdolls really outdates it.

    when i hear “remake” i think completely remade, not the same engine with another one over it…

    although, i’m still gonna buy it -_-

    • Halo fans would probably explode with rage if it were anything but a graphical update. You should have seen the relief on HBO and when they learned that the only thing that has been changed are the graphics (and the rage when they learned that the sounds are new).

      • And that outrage is justified, original HALO is still the best in the series, we still play it at public lans all the time.
        outdated grafix and all.

  • Agreed, all the awesome old games they try to remake get ruined, ever play the Conkers Bad Fur Day that was redone on the xbox? it was terrible compared to the N64 one, had they just redone the graphics, it would have been intensely awesome

  • Really happy they decided to keep and up model the M6D instead of simply replace the model from the Reach variant (like they did the AR).

    Can’t wait to see more.

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